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    Newbie Alert!

    hi i'd also like to introduce myself! My name is Ifan , im male and 13 years old, and live in Shrewsbury with my mum and my two brothers. I started crafting last November and started to buy lets make cards magazine. From there my mum and i joined our local craft club to learn new ideas and skills to make my cards better. I love cardmaking and do the odd 12 x 12 scrapbook here and their. Also i'd like to say that my mum does not make cards , i started through one of her friends, when she invited to take us to a craft show at the NEC, so we enjoy time together to make cards and her to learn off me!
  2. ifan24

    Help needed for Boy/Male Cards

    issue 15 of lets make card would be right up your street, its packed with men themed toppers and embellishments and die cuts, as well as the men there also lovely women themed card you can make in the kit all for £7.99! its really good and once you have one issue you wont be able to wait for the next months issue to come out! hope this helps ;-P and if you want to check out more just go on the web to check it out your self! Ifan xx (male n aged 12!)
  3. ifan24

    A little bit about me

    wow! reading your profile im amazed at what we have in common! i am 13 years old with mi b'day just gone, 24th of may. I also cardmake and scrapbook, but the only thing thats different is that im male! I hope you will want to tlk 2 me! ( TO LAUREN!)
  4. ifan24

    A little bit about me

    hi betty thanks for telling people about you and sharing it, i thought i might shae some info myself! My name is Ifan and i am a 12 year old male crafter. I have been card making for a bout 5 months now and enjoy he craft mags with the superb kits! Just recently i bought a scrapbooking kit of qvc and am really enjoying it! I hope to build my colection of cards to one day, hopefully, sell them!