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  1. snaggles

    Hello again

    Hi I used to be on this forum a long time ago, while browsing i refound the forum and decided to come on and say hello. I still do my crafting and these days I knit, crochet and sew, I would love to talk to people again Pips xx
  2. snaggles

    June swaps is put on hold!!

    Sounds intriging, looking forward to the outcome pipsx
  3. snaggles

    A few of my felted miniature animals

    These are super, Gladys is so cute pipsx
  4. snaggles

    my latest card

    These are gorgeous, adore the blue one with buttons pipsx
  5. snaggles

    Steam-punk (leather & lace) Tiggertastic

    Amazing card, love it pipsx
  6. snaggles

    Wall Hanging - Tiggertastic

    Sooo good to see you and your makes back on the forum, love these pipsx
  7. snaggles

    Tag - Paige Parasol - Tiggertastic

    Fabulous card, love your use of colour pipsx
  8. snaggles

    teabag fold card and oriental card

    Lovely cards, the oriental one is very pretty pipsx
  9. snaggles

    Fist two pages of my Grunge Book, Baby Book

    Looking great, can't wait to see the rest. Have fun pipsx
  10. snaggles

    Cup Cake

    wow, they are great. love the variety of cards you have made with the template pipsx
  11. snaggles

    The Good Morning Thread

    Hi Nancy - I wish, manic at the moment which is why I have not been able to come on here. Good luck with the assignments just wish I could give you more hours, would be lovely wouldn't it! Busy busy here fore myself at the moment but still try and check on her as much as I can and keep up on the latest. Off tomorrow so going to the local Owl centre for the first time in years, love owls but something has always come up when I have wanted to go so keeping fingers crossed. Camera is on charge. pips x
  12. snaggles

    Garden wildlife challenge - ends 31.05.13

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you but had a couple of issues here that have required my full attention. Then when I have looked at the entries I keep getting stuck Wendy - I love your cutie bunnies, they make me smile everytime Gaynor - your caterpillars and butterflies are so unique, i love butterflies too Maritrez - your mobile is so pretty and colourful and again my favourite - butterflies! Therefore I hope nobody minds but I am so gonna cheat here and send all three of you a pize as I really don't want to choose just one! I can honestly say I love all three. So please could you all PM me with your address and I will get the prizes sent out asap. Thanks again for entering pips xx
  13. snaggles

    The Good Morning Thread

    Evening all Not been on much due to work but I have still managed a little crafting in my spare hours so hope to upload a couple of pics shortly. Hope everyone is well speak soon pipsx
  14. snaggles

    Garden wildlife challenge - ends 31.05.13

    Thankyou everyone so much for your entries, they are fab so I am off to deliberate and aim to be back very soon (tomorrow) to let you know the winner pipsx
  15. snaggles

    April ATC Swap

    Thanks BC. Think alot of people struggle with time, I know I do too, was still fun to do though pipsx