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  1. I am going to share a pizza recipe. If you are bored with the regular pizza try to bake this incredible Turkish Lamb pizza recipe which I became so fond of. I came to know of it on my tour to Dubai. The pizza is delicious and yummy. I wanted to learn the recipe and I found it at last. Last day I tried the recipe at home and voila! The delicious lamb pizza. It is simple to prepare. Al you need is flour, freshly diced lamb, yoghurt, tomato, pepper and parsley. For the ease, I will share the blog where I found the yummy Turkish recipe. http://www.malloftheemirates.com/trends/dining/2-recipes-to-try-besh-turkish-kitchens-meaty-menu Do try it at home. You will love it. Good for an evening snack.
  2. Hi, I am going to paint my house. My friends in the U.S. are visiting me in the spring. My house is old and it needs repainting. I am not expert in this job. I have friends to help me. I was searching for the tips and tutorial for painting. I think this article is really nice for a newbie painter. http://www.dunparhomes.com/page/news/news-article/article/8-steps-for-repainting-your-walls So, first I have to clean, tape and protect the room, sand the surface, maybe has to use the primers. Is there anything else that I need to do apart from what is given here? Or are there any easy tricks in the process. Please share your suggestions and help me. Thank you.
  3. Hi, I sell my finished works during the festive times. It's more than a hobby to me. I have finished enough Christmas themed sculptures for the festive season. I am getting very good business through my eBay orders. I have been contacted by the people in my locality and some toy stores have also approached me. I am thinking about making it full time. But before that, I wish to know it I can use my smartphone for processing the payment through credit card. I came across a mobile payment service ( http://www.versapay.com/merchant-services/mobile-payment-app/ ) for accepting credit cards. The service looks good for my needs for the time being. I need to decide soon, so please give your opinions on this payment solution. Are you guys making a business out of your craft hobbies, if so, please share how you are doing that? Thanks.
  4. jrdonal

    Hi everyone

    Thanks, Bigbunniesuk. I will surely sharing the pics.
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    Hi everyone

    Craftwork is more than a hobby for me. It's a great way to relax my mind and also get some easy cash. Hope I get more ideas. My specialty is clay sculptures.