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    2013 supplement query

    Hi everyone - I'm just starting a little bolero for a 3 year old and using the 'Thumbelina' pattern which I found in the March 2013 supplement called Handknitted for Baby on pages 34 - 36 of the supplement. I am having a problem with number of sts when I start the border pattern right at the beginning of the bolero back piece and wonder if I can find out if there are any errors and corrections for this pattern. I have found the corrections for patterns within the main magazine itself but can't find where to look for the supplement. If anyone has made this bolero could you contact me or if you can help me find the corrections for supplements I would be very grateful. Thanks,
  2. nittinora

    Joyeux Dec 2013

    Hi everyone - my first ever post! I've been saving this lovely pattern which is a very pretty little cardigan in red & white until I had just the right little girl to knit for. Was hoping to get it made for Christmas and started the 1x1 ribbing for the Right Front but I am sure there is an error in the instructions. Row 1, [k1,p1] Row 2, [k all p sts and p all knit sts from previous row. This isn't the normal 1x1 rib and it doesn't look very nice because you are knitting in stripes of 2 rows red and then 2 rows white for 10 rows. Shouldn't this be knit all knit sts and purl all purl sts for 1x1 rib? I've looked for errors for this edition but this isn't mentioned. Its Issue 74 December 2013. Thanks for any help.