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    Jewellery, Baking and cake decorating
  1. EllieShapcott

    Product Feedback

    Hi All, I have created a desk designed for people to use for their craft hobbies as well as everyday desk use. I would really appreciate it if you could give me your feedback on the design so I can evaluate and change any obvious issues for my degree show. https://ellie113.typeform.com/to/wQGIsA Thank you
  2. EllieShapcott

    Help for Final Year Project

    Dear All, I am a current student at Nottingham Trent University working of my final year piece. I am a part time crafter and enjoy making jewellery in my spare time, however I have noticed that it is really hard to find specialised craft furniture in the current market. Crafting is definitely on the boom and there are many people that love to craft from home but don't have the space or equipment. Currently from my primary research I have realised that the current furniture offered doesn't include much storage or adjustable working space. Could you possibly answer the questions below to help me understand the workspaces of a full time crafter and a hobby crafter? If there is anything that you feel I have missed and haven't asked please do not hesitate to comment. Please share around as the more crafters who answer the better my research will be and the more practical the final product will be. Thank you and best wishes.