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    Warwick, UK
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    I am into lots of different crafts including crochet, sewing with felt, rubber-stamping and lots more! Just started learning how to knit.
  1. EmmaIrlamCrafts

    What's your favourite thing to crochet?

    They are lovely :-)
  2. EmmaIrlamCrafts

    Qulling board

    I love quilling but haunt done any for a while. Reading this posts makes me want to get out my stash! I have a couple of different boards, including one with heart shapes, and a domes board for 3d quilling which I have never been brave enough to try!
  3. EmmaIrlamCrafts

    Felt Girls

    Awww, thanks everyone!
  4. EmmaIrlamCrafts


    It's the weekend at last! What is everyone going to be doing? Going shopping with my mum soon, then I plan to craft all weekend :-)
  5. EmmaIrlamCrafts

    What's your favourite thing to crochet?

    Those are lovely PurpleLisa :-)
  6. EmmaIrlamCrafts

    Cross-stitch, anyone?

    Thanks for the compliments on my work. I worry about the eyesight thing. I am short sighted and worry one day it will stop me cross-stitching. I find a daylight lamp helps a lot. I bought one a few months back, not one of the mega expensive ones though, and it has been the best addition to my crafting tools!
  7. EmmaIrlamCrafts

    Felt Girls

    No paints, all embroidered by hand. I do keep some makes, sell some too.
  8. EmmaIrlamCrafts

    Cross-stitch, anyone?

    Does anyone here on the forum like to cross-stitch? It is one of my fave crafts. I love the Gorjuss designs mostly. Have even done a few of Johnny Depp! The one below took seven years to do as it is so big! Probably my biggest ever crafting achievement!!
  9. EmmaIrlamCrafts

    Cant upload to gallery

    It says:Error The server returned an error during upload
  10. EmmaIrlamCrafts

    What's your favourite thing to crochet?

    Love your Brian!
  11. EmmaIrlamCrafts

    Cant upload to gallery

    Hi, I keep trying to upload pics to my gallery but i keep getting an error message. Anyone know whats up with that?
  12. EmmaIrlamCrafts

    Felt Girls

    I love to sew in felt. I have just made some dolls in my own designs. What is your fave fabric to sew in?
  13. My fave are cute amigurumis. I designed this cat myself. One of my fave projects so far. Did it in two different colours. Think my fave is the cream one.
  14. EmmaIrlamCrafts


    Hello everyone! So I just joined here on the forum. Will be nice to chat to like minded crafters! I enjoy MANY crafts including crochet, sewing, cross-stitch, drawing, latch hooking, rubber-stamping and paper crafts. Trying to learn how to knit but finding it a challenge! I also like to design my own crochet and felt sewing patterns. Will look forward to chatting with you all!