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  1. Yes I think it may be a bit loose but as it is my first project I will learn by my mistakes and learn to crochet a little tighter. I improvised with the other colours as it has has a striped block effect so doubled up on row colours to make up the missing row required with the original colour. Now working on the next block colour so hopefully I will be able to finish that section with the correct colour!
  2. Ran out of yarn 12 st before I finished the row......not good! This has happened before with the yarns supplied by LGC. Will see if I can improvise!!
  3. Thanks very much. This makes more sense now. So used to reading knitting patterns and can see how much different a crochet pattern is!
  4. Hello! I am new to crochet and have managed to complete a simple granny square. A day ago I attempted to start the Cosy Blankey on page 24 of issue 63 Let's Get Crafting Knitting and Crochet. As I am new to reading crochet patterns, I think I am getting a bit stuck with this project and wondered if anyone else had made this blanket, or if the more expert crocheters can help? It starts with 95 stitches but at the end of row 3 it says 36 stiches.....odd seeing as this is a blanket? at the end of row 4 i should have 44, row 5 52. I am rather confused! Thanks to anyone that can advise! Extract pattern attached