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  1. Subhasish Sen

    Craft Storage ideas

    make strong box in and put crafts in to the box it is great for security.
  2. Subhasish Sen

    Show us Your Sewing Makes!

    its look cool here great
  3. Subhasish Sen

    Learn To Make Paper Flowers

    Looking so beautiful fun to make it thanks for sharing.
  4. Subhasish Sen

    Papercrafter Competitions?

    Its good to doing some this type of competition. keep do it.
  5. Subhasish Sen

    Sweetie box Template

    May someone helps you dear
  6. Subhasish Sen

    Postcards artwork

    Love it thanks for share
  7. Subhasish Sen

    Anyone make journals of any kind

    Great work keep it up!
  8. Subhasish Sen

    DIY cardboard heart basket.

    Great really awesome idea.
  9. Really beautiful loved it.
  10. Subhasish Sen


    Mothers day was go before two days and really i hardly celebrate that day with my mom and we got fully enjoyed.
  11. Subhasish Sen

    Some bits I made while offline

    Nice job, i hope you completed it now.
  12. Subhasish Sen

    DIY cardboard heart basket.

    @Sugarbuttercra1 is right i am agree with Sugarbuttercra1, no matter where we post the only matter is who will see and make it and learn some new things.
  13. Subhasish Sen

    Easter Cards

    Such a nice card i am also making, my daughter also making birthday card for me