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  1. I decided to challenge myself and knit the lace back top from Let's Knit Issue 95 (August). It has a lace pattern over 4 rows (WS purl), but it has to be decreased to shape the armholes. The last 8 rows have given me a bigger headache than the previous 30cms. I've even taken to drawing myself out a sort of chart, which has helped a little bit. Any top tips before I lose any remaining shreds of sanity?
  2. Hills bills

    Decreasing stitches in a lace pattern! HELP!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had recently glanced something about lifelines but hadn't really paid much attention to it. I put a lifeline in earlier and although I had to pull it back three times, then manually pull it back another two rows to sort a problem, putting the lifeline in was exactly that - a lifeline! I will *never* knit a complicated (by my standards!) pattern again without them. It meant I could sort out the lace pattern placement after the decrease too. So now I am away again... until the next problem! And thank you for the welcome! I'm 38 and was taught to knit as a child by my mum, who died in '04. I have loved picking up the needles again recently. I started Rowan's Martin Storey KAL last year and finished it two weeks ago - now claimed by my 15 year old daughter! I've been hit but the knitting bug again at the moment.