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    Bottle Stoppers

    Hi folks, As a new crafter I have recently been doing altered bottles, decoupage bottles and would like to top them with a fancy bottle stopper. I have bought a couple of cheap bottles from Dunelm Mill that had a little glass/acrylic bird stopper which is ideal. However, Ive been trying to locate a website that I can purchase these from and so far have no luck. Can anyone suggest one please. When I look on Pinterest etc there are loads of bottles that have fancy stoppers but I can't seem to locate a supplier. Regards Chrissy
  2. christabelle23


    Thank you ladies I will keep practising !
  3. christabelle23


    I have spent a small fortune in buying lots of bits and pieces to learn to do this craft I really have should have known better BUT ! So today has been spent trying to decorate polystyrene eggs with decoupage paper of chicks/eggs/flowers etc and the end result looks like it was done by a 5 year old instead of a 59 year old ! I did say in my introduction that I was not in least bit arty with regards to crafts etc, but I am very good at interiors and can put together some great ideas that friends ask to copy or give them ideas for their houses. So I do have an eye for colour and design. My paper kept wrinkling and just looks a disaster. I painted the eggs first a whiteish colour and applied the torn bits of napkins and proper decoupage paper over the top with the Mod Podge glue in gloss. Its all edgy despite putting a further 6 coats on ! Any help please !....I have watched youtube, and bought a decoupage book, but its just so disjointed and pathetic looking. I also did a small wooden box, which I painted in a bronze colour, rubbed it lightly with sandpaper, applied a few cherubs and then tried to crackle glaze it, it again looks naff ! I realise that its my first attempt and Rome wasn't built in day etc but would just be grateful for some tips please . Thank you Chrissy
  4. christabelle23

    Hello from me !

    Hello I am 59 live in Ayrshire, Scotland and have never crafted anything in my life ! I am hopeless at art, none of my family have ever done anything other than knit a few baby jumpers but all of a sudden my little granddaughter age 11 has the bug and I've been helping her. I am of the opinion that wonder web is a godsend and have even been known to put staples into things as a "temporary measure"........they sure last for ages...... even years ! The craft I would like to have a go at is decoupage. I saw a vintage style bottle in a shop that was crackled and sepia tones and when the girl told me how it was done I was intrigued. I went into the Hobbycraft shop yesterday and bought some Easter Eggs to decorate, paper, napkins, knife, scissors, tweezers, glue, brushes, decorative basket to put them in and now I'm raring to go.................. However, I thought I might ask for a little assistance from you experienced crafters and ask for a few hints and tips for this "virgin crafter" Thank you in anticipation............I've for a feeling there might not be any dinner tonight but hopefully have a decorated egg or two !