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  1. The pattern for the left front cites the following: Cast on 23 sts 1st row: K to last st, inc in last st (front edge) Cont in st-st inc 1 st at front edge on every foll alt row to 28 sts, then every foll 4th row to 41 sts. Work 16 rows straight Next row: P2, P2tog, *P2, P2tog, rep from * to last 2 sts, P to end So, I increased on the 1st row (knit) and every following knit row until 28 sts. I then continued increasing on every 4th row (knit row) until 41 sts. However, once I have knit the 16 rows straight, my next row is due to be a knit row. However, the pattern instructs a purl row (P2, P2tog). Now what have I done wrong?
  2. JacquiPanter

    Re: King Cole Pattern 3367 (Boleros, Matinee Coat and Hat)

    Thank you for your kind help. Can I just use a stitch holder instead?
  3. Good Morning I expect this has been asked before but the 4 ply Bolero in the above referenced pattern cites the following: Dec 1 st at each end of next and following 1 alt row Now, once I have decreased one stitch at each end of the first row, do I do the same on the second or third row? I assume it to be the third row and that the second row is worked with no decrease. In addition, the pattern states to slip the remaining stitches onto a thread. Can I just thread the yarn that I have been knitting with or do I need to use a completely separate piece? Thank you
  4. JacquiPanter

    Re: King Cole Owl Collection (No: 9016) pattern

    Thank you for your very kind help! That makes absolute sense. How did we cope before forums? I will keep you posted how I get on (and whether the baby ever sleeps!) xx
  5. Good Morning All I have purchased the above referenced pattern in order to knit the owl toy and am stuck already on the body part. The pattern involves two colours of wool (A and and uses the intarsia method.The instructions are as follows: With A cast on 18 sts for base (first row ws) First row: Join B, P6A, 6B, 6A Continue working colours as set Next row: [inc 1] to end (36 sts) P1 row Next row: [inc 1, k1] to end (54 sts) Ss 3 rows Next row: [inc 1, k2] to end (72 sts) Ss 27 rows Next row: [k1, k2tog] to end (48 sts) P1 row So, after casting on the 18 sts in A, do I then purl 6 sts in A, join B and purl 6 stitches in B and then purl the last 6 sts with a new ball of A? What does the 'continue working colours as set' mean and how do I incorporate that in the following rows. Any help greatly appreciated as owl is for a new baby who doesn't sleep. Her Dad drives her round the countryside looking at owls and I would like to make this for her! Thank you xx