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  1. Towst


    My condolences for your Aunt, Eliza, I'm glad that you were with her at the end and that she was calmer. {hugs}
  2. Towst


    hello Eliza, I think you might want to check your inbox for messages. I'm sure Goose sent you something.
  3. Towst

    totally tropical Tuesday

    hello everyone, I'm hoping I can actually post this, my internet is supposed to be fixed so I am supposed to be able to stay online for more than a few minutes, we will see My mom tells me it's hot and sunny there, same here 91F and the only thunderstorm I have heard was in the distance and we didn't even get a shower with it so all good. I got to sit outside and sew yesterday because I had to hand sew (I won't pretend to say it was embroidery I'm not that good) the face of a doll I was making. My daughter has gone away for a couple of days so I have a little break from Alia. I've used the time to make a doll for my nieces' daughter's birthday. She's not really old enough for it yet but I had promised I'd make her one and so her mom can put it away for a while, I have some other things to put into the package more suitable for her right now. I've finished the actual doll I now need to make some clothes, I was thinking of making a little pretty lace trimmed vest and bloomers, a dress and hat and shoes for now and make more clothes in the future. I had always planned on making several dolls for both Maia and Alia with different hair and skin tones, and then a little cardboard suitcase filled with clothes because I know little girls like to change the outfits of their dolls and do their hair in different styles. But it's been slow going with Alia being such a demanding baby and all I'm glad that you have managed to get about Eliza, sounds like you've been quite determined, Hope you enjoy the rest of your holiday. Enjoy your walk Suzie I used to take my daughter to feed the ducks,geese at a local park when she was little CN. But we went the one day and we got surrounded by about two hundred birds, she thought it was great being about 2 or 3, I was seriously scared for our lives :D:D .... she showed no fear at all and was telling some of the geese off if she thought they were being too greedy. She was only as tall as they were. Enjoy your quilting CN Have a great day all, (woot I managed to stay online ) Oh wow I sure hope it's this site that's incredibly slow and not my internet still not working, I waited half an hour for this page to reload.
  4. Towst


    Hello all, just popping in to say hello and hope everyone is well, my internet is horrible since we had a lot of storms it barely stays on for two minutes. I have someone coming to fix it early next week unless they get a cancellation as they say they've had a lot of the same problem in the area. Hope you're all having fun crafting,
  5. Towst

    Monday s sunny day

    Hello everyone, rainy 4th of July here, hope it stops raining so we get some nice fireworks not a few damp squibs. Linda I do hope you are feeling better soon, and Goose if Goose is still not feeling well. Your lunch sounds yummy though, enjoy it. Hopefully you get some time to yourself after all that running about Eliza, your uncle sounds like he was a very active man and I think that can help us live longer. I'm not surprised that he had to give up cycling though, i think a lot of younger people do too, the traffic now is horrendous in many areas and some of the trucks are so big it's not safe for cyclists. Not many places have cycle lanes, and here in America not many places have pavements in some areas. It is very hard to walk anywhere here as the pavements just disappear wherever the road gets busy and they wanted to widen the road, meaning pedestrians have to walk on the busy road. And then they wonder why there is an obesity problem. Suzie the trick with blood sugar meters is not to worry about the cost of the meter but check the cost of testing strips and sharps and other paraphanalia you might need with it. They are a bit like printers, cheap printer then they get you on the cost of the ink. What do you do with all the candles you make Lisa, look forward to seeing the finished embroidery, i like the colour. A couple of photos from Alia's party. Lots of cut off heads sorry about that i was concentrating on getting Alia in it and forgot about the background people. But that is her dad back left, my eldest son back right (that's a fake moustache in case you're wondering if he's the go compare guy ), then my daughter with her daughter (Alia) and her step son, Alia's brother and my younger son's knee and arm in the foreground. Alia was smiling a lot, i just never managed to capture one of her smiling on any photo. The other picture is Alia playing with her toys with her dad again concentrating on her I managed to cut off his head. Have a great day all.
  6. Towst


    Hello everyone, I like the crocheted hexagons Linda and I can just imagine them being a turtle. Must be frustrating your craft room still a spare room Eliza, hope you figure out what to pack. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well K&F, take it easy today and hopefully you feel better soon Enjoy your hookie Goose Well that's it from me cos I'm using my tablet my computer isn't working, I think the power cuts didn't help it any. Have a great day.
  7. Towst


    Hello all, It's stormy season here, lots of storms causing floods and power cuts, We had a bad storm that hit and set fire to a house two doors down, it shorted out some of our electrics and fried our modem. Always hits the modem, I don't know how many we've gotten through over the years. Seems like i have missed a lot in my absence. Suzie you got married? Congratulations, your avatar does look lovely. I like your tennis rackets Linda and what a coincidence finding one in a magazine too. Hope you feel better for the theatre and enjoy your show Eliza Enjoy your me time Goose, nice to have some peace and quiet. KQ hopefully your rain goes away soon and that the yarn is a sign of an end to your bad week. The colour looks pretty. hope you find some time to relax after all your rushing around CN. I should get my eyebrows done too. :D I keep finding one eyebrow on my left eye right at the top in the middle that grows really long and kind of corkscrews around. If i put my finger and kind of stroke my eyebrow I can feel when it starts to grow because it feels bumpy, no matter how many times I pluck it out it grows back just the same. :D Alia will be 1 year old on Sunday.. On Saturday we had planned to do the other room they have at the escape room. (they are building a third room that opens soon) That will be 12-1pm and then my daughter is going to pick up Alia and her brother and meet us all back at our house for cake and balloons and open presents. It's my husband's birthday on Tuesday so I'm going to give him his present early on Saturday too since he asked for a day off so I bought him a hammock. No point giving him a hammock on Tuesday after the weekend really is there? Sunday on Alia's actual birthday I think my daughter is going to dinner with her SiL who has two young children and then on Monday it is 4th of July and we are doing fireworks so it is back here for bbq and fireworks. Have a great day all
  8. Towst


    Hello everyone, The tops sound a great idea for holiday Eliza, like you say they take so little space, plus you can rinse them through on holiday and they dry very quickly. It doesn't take long to a garden to get out of hand does it, my husband was complaining because he has some camellia bushes at the side of the house, they didn't do too well this last winter because it got down so low -20C he had covered them but it wasn't enough. He ended up digging them up and he planted four new ones or a hardier variety, but forgot after all his hard work digging and weeding that area, to put something down to stop the weeds and a month on the weeds were as high as the bushes. We have just had the right amount of sun and rain for the weeds to grow in abundance. He has weeded it all again now and put some mulch down now. LInda I like your crochet flowers, what do you plan on using them for? Sorry you're not feeling so well K&Q hope you get your pj's finished. Yesterday Alia showed all the symptoms of ear ache, but when she went to the doctors the doctor said she seemed fine, so we don't know why she was having the symptoms, maybe a molar coming through? I have given up on the travel cot i had for Alia and bought a new one, my husbands idea, he saw how frustrated with the old one I was. I don't have space for a wooden cot, and I wanted something I could move about and use as a playpen if I needed so had bought a travel cot. Well they aren't even called that anymore now it's a 'pack and play' ?? Most of them come as a basic cot, with a higher level cot/bassinet plus a baby sleeper that fits on the top and sometimes a baby changer too. The one I bought originally i bought because it said simple press button to fold. Made it sound like clicking one button would fold it down, I knew it would need other steps but they made it sound easy. It wasn't. First of all each side had a button that released two different parts of each side rail, you had to release each side in turn, when you got part way around it would start to collapse and you either had to take the weight of it or sit on the floor (not going to happen with my leg) to do the rest. The whole thing weighed about 25lb so it was heavy to hold and required a lot of bending over before it was finished, often one already completed side rail locked back in position and had to be redone, then you had to pull up on a central cord to pull the whole thing closed, At this point you had to support it and hold it all closed while wrapping the mattress around it to keep it all together. That is without the bassinet or baby napper and changer once folded only the main part fit in the bag the other things had no where to go. The other problem was it was on legs, which meant the rails had to be a certain height to stop a baby from climbing out plus the height of the legs meant it was too high for me to actually be able to reach the base of it to get Alia out of it. My daughter struggled too. It was such a nightmare to fold up i'd been pushing it into my sewing area and not folding it down. I was at the point where I was going to get rid of my sewing table. Well my husband said just spend the money and get a better one, I'd already spent $200 on the first so I'd put off doing that. But I found a new one, oh my such a relief, the new one is only 13lb to fold it you just squeeze the two longest rails in a certain place and it sort of Z folds in on itself, it's light enough that I can lift it up to fold the legs I say legs but they just shape the base of it, the cot actually has it's base on the floor making it easier for me to reach Alia. It doesn't have the extra paraphanalia though I heard you can buy a bassinet that fits into it, that folds with the main cot. The mattress fits into the bag which holds the bag open, the main cot then fits into the bag inside the mattress and then zips up, The best part is there is a zip so you can unzip a hole in one side of the cot, for a young baby that isn't sleeping well you can (if you're a 20 year old mom) climb half in the cot to sort of lie next to the baby to calm down, or sit on the floor to feed them then just pass them through the hole into the cot easier than lowering them into it. However with Alia it means i can undo that and she can crawl in and out of the cot when she's playing so she sees it as fun rather than a cage she is stuck in. Her brother was crawling in with her on Saturday like their own little fort and had great fun. because the mattress is on the floor there is no weight limit. My only regret is I didn't change the cot 9 months ago. well have a great day everyone
  9. Towst


    Hello, A sign that the holiday is over and I had Alia back this week, i don't think I've had the opportunity to get on and post all week. She has been delightful but yet a handful. It's like she is too curious about everything to stop for a nap, she didn't have one nap for me all week. Saturday morning i slept until 10am which is something I never do but I was so worn out. She made me laugh with her sense of humour though, so I'll take a bit of tiredness. I have some mini Wade figures on my desk, just cheap things that came out of a brand of tea that my husband has. Alia likes to ask to look at them, (she's not talking but she gestures and points) I always pass her one and tell her to be careful and she holds it so carefully and inspects it and passes it back and asks for the next one. That is until I got to the snowman one, she obviously took a liking to that one and held onto it for a while, she was being careful and she was sat on my lap so I let her. After a while though she almost absent mindedly went to put it in her mouth and I told her no, two minutes later she grinned a mischevious grin and put it close to her mouth again but instead 'pretended' to eat it while say nommmmm while looking sideways at me waiting for my reaction. :D Eliza the pom poms from the church sound amazing, pity you can't get video of it on here, I hope you have a great day after all the planning and crafting you have put into it. I hope you find the perfect wedding outfit soon CN and I hope you are at least enjoying trying on the ones that didn't work out. Linda I did see a picture you posted of your wedding outfit one day and it was lovely, I really liked the dress. I hope DH is feeling better soon Suzie and I know my husband will prefer a day off rather than going out somewhere so I hope DH enjoys his day relaxing. It's my husbands birthday soon and I asked him what he wanted, he just keeps saying a day off and 'rest', he does work very hard and some long hours sometimes. His office always seem to have a deadline for something or other and when he's at home they often call him to 'just look over this or that' so I have been thinking of buying him a hammock for the garden. He has often mentioned one in passing, not actually asked for one but just sort of said 'if I had a hammock..... or you could put a hammock here ..... or I could make a hammock with this..... I think I will order it today so it arrives in the week while he's at work. The weather has cooled from 90+ F to 80+ F which is far more tolerable, my daughter is coming over so I think we will sit out on the deck and enjoy the weather. I hope everyone there gets nicer weather and KQ I hope your floods aren't too disruptive and clear soon. Have a great day everyone
  10. Towst

    a royal sunday

    hello everyone. I hope no one is too affected by the flooding there and it all dries up and you get the sun back. Here it's threatening a small storm around tea time but other than that it's sweltering 90sF for me. I don't have much planned, my husband has to go on a course for a few days so I'm going to iron his clothes and help him pack. No one is cooking, we had roast chicken yesterday so leftovers with salad and some fresh bread today. Actually I do have gerberas LInda I really like them and buy them every year, I can't get them to last longer though because it gets too hot for them. Last year I kept one the whole summer and that was a first, this year I bought three, one has died already, the other two are doing well though, one is enjoying being shaded by a plant I only know as elephant ears, just great big leaves. I've tried bringing them in the house but it gets too humid, in the windows they scorch and out of the windows not enough sun, the bathroom is just right as far as sun goes but no air conditioning so it gets too hot. I have three african violets in the bathroom that are surviving and sometimes put out flowers but I think they need repotting and i'm worried about doing it because I know they like to be a bit pot bound and don't like a big pot. I bought some just 1 inch wider but I haven't found one as short as the ones they are in so I'm worried that with the extra width and depth it will be too much of a change for them. Any tips will be appreciated. I quite liked the colour the Queen was wearing even if it was Kermit the frog green , it was her day and she should have stood out and if you can't get away with that colour when you're 90 when can you. It reminds me of that poem, when I am old I shall wear purple..... Good for her I say. I have my fingers crossed for your craft hampers getting a sudden sale Eliza My daughter told me one of her friends from England was posting pictures of a road we used to live by that looked like that KQ, hope it doesn't cause you too much trouble. Great job getting all your WIP's finished Tracey, enjoy your knitting, I do hope the rain clears for those parties. I hope DF is feeling better soon, maybe the doctor will give him something that works a bit better. I remember my mom being quite ill with it and someone telling her that the good medicine is quite expensive and that most doctors prescribe one that doesn't work as well first. That was years ago but I wonder if it's still the case. Enjoy your family day Goose, and your crafting later on. I'm going to cautiously water the roots of a few plants so the sun doesn't dry them too much, have to watch the leaves though or they scorch. Not a very good picture but this is my old deck that leads onto the new deck, with some of my flowers, I only tend to the pots and my husband does the garden for the most part because of my leg but I have to admit I buy more pots each year
  11. Towst

    Cool saturday

    hello all, Oh i do ache today after that long trip But we had a good day. Didn't see any Amish things at all Linda but we were on the very border of Pennsylvania. My husband likes fireworks but in Virginia they are not allowed to sell fireworks that leave that ground. In Pennsylvania they can sell any fireworks they like as long as they are not let off in that state. Which of course causes a massive loophole in the law. The border of Pennsylvania now plays host to a few big firework companies who ask for your drivers license to prove you're from out of state and make you sign an agreement saying you will get the fireworks out of state within 48 hours. Whilst back in Virginia they think they covered themselves because you can't buy the fireworks here so they don't stop you setting off any fireworks you want. So we have a very expensive 4th of July celebrations planned. It does help that Alia's birthday is the 3 rd and my husbands the 5th We also visited a chip/crisp factory where you can buy the crisps fresh and see how they are made. We also stopped at an apple market which is like a farm shop.. We bought lots of fresh peaches, blueberries, homemade damson jam (never find any damson's here to make my own and it's my favourite jam) some fresh honey and last but not least I went to an import store and got my fix of orange squash (they don't sell squash here usually, just a powder mix you can add to water) some British chocolate, Bisto, pickled onions (all dill pickles, no pickled onions here) english mustard, brown sauce, baked beans and custard powder. oh and some jaffa cakes It's going to be very hot in the 30s today so I'm going to sit out on the deck and do as little as possible, we are just going to have chicken with some salad for dinner. I do hope your father in law likes his book Eliza, so frustrating when you put so much effort into a gift that they show no appreciation for. Good job on tidying your craft stuff Suzie You should get the men to go into work on the next dress down Friday with a sleevless top and bra straps showing because I'm better they weren't given the same rule. Your amaryllis looks great Linda at the moment my lillies are blooming well. This is a picture of the outdoor cushions I made this week, still need to make the bench cushion. have a great day all
  12. Towst


    Hello all, Quick one from me today because I'm supposed to be getting ready to go out. We are going to Pennsylvania today which is a 4 hour drive one way. Along the way we are stopping off because my husband saw a garden edger/strimmer that was a really good professional make going for just $45 on Craigs list. I called the guy and he said he would hold it for us. We have had such a lot of bother with the normal ones you get at the DIY store, this one is for professional use so maybe it will be better. The man was so nice, he said he was retired and lives in a little out of the way farmhouse. He said if we were there early enough he'd cook breakfast ... Eliza, I have to admit my fabric stash is not on the shelf unit, that is partly in another cupboard, also on low level bookcase, also in the closet hung on tiered coathangers for hanging multiple trousers on, also in some big fabric bins ... pretty much anywhere I can get it. The shelves only holds smaller stuff, inks stamps, ribbons, well some of them, paper crafting things, strings, cords, leather lace sugar crafting items.... the list goes on. Have a good day everyone, i'm running late now :D
  13. Towst


    Hello everyone, Well i finished sorting out my storage shelves yesterday and even got some sewing done, i made some cushions and seat pads for the chairs outside on the deck. I still need to make cushions for the bench but I need to paint the bench first. Eliza I do know what is in each box but only because they are semi transparent and I can actually see the contents :D I hope you get your friends garden done, that sounds like a nice day with dinner cooked for you too. Suzie I had a nosy neighbour too when I was in England, she turned out to be really nice and admitted she was very nosy, but hey I always knew the neighbourhood gossip with her around and she always told me if I has visitors while I was out so burglars wouldn't have stood a chance I"m glad you're feeling a little better K&F but don't overdo things, some knitting sounds great, I hope you have nice weather and can knit out in the fresh air maybe. I am going out to get some paint for the bench, a long zip for the bench cushion, some wholegrain bread if I can get it, they tend to sell out and it's not very early, and a prescription I need to pick up. None of those places are anything like close to each other so it will take a while, when I get back I'm hoping my son will paint the bench while I get on and make the cushions. You never know Here is a pic of my storage shelf, ignore the paint brush I rinsed and left to dry so I could paint the bench, and the pile of magazines I don't really have a home for yet. Luckily the shelves aren't in a room anyone visitors would ever go in, it being upstairs in my house, Only I have to look at that jumble of boxes really.
  14. Towst

    Is it Wednesday?

    Hello everyone I've had a lovely lie in with no Alia to look after this week, I got loads of cleaning and sorting out done yesterday. I have a shelf unit that is 4 feet wide and 7 foot high that is full of plastic storage boxes, all matching clear with green handles but different sizes and on the bottom two shelves are six plastic crates that are the same green as the handles I just counted 33 boxes in all, Each one is full of craft stuff of one kind or another. Today I have set myself the daunting task of going through it all and condensing it down so at least two of the crates at the bottom can hold either some of Alia's toys or a load of DVD's that I've designated safe for children to watch that are at the moment on a shelf of a different cupboard that I use partly for Alia's stuff... moving the DVDs would meant Alia could have that shelf and her stuff would be more together. Basically I need more space for Alia, I have my bedroom which is already half sewing room, and the adjoining room where I keep my computer and my husbands computer and where the huge wall of craft boxes is. The rest of the house is off limits because I have three grown up children living at home due to uni and well the ridiculous price of houses basically. So they always need room for their things, Even one of the dogs has decided it needs it's own space and has taken his bed into the hallway and taken over that. I keep the main rooms kitchen, dining room, and lounge off limits for personal items. So that is my task for the day, make space. I hope the weather cools down for those of you that don't like it and warms up for those of you that do. After living here with the heat of the summer I still think that the small amount of hot weather you get in Britain is far worse simply because there are no air conditioners and you can't get away from it. Enjoy your time with your son Eliza. KQ those little boots look great, i'm sure your friend will love them if she is always wearing Uggs. Enjoy the tennis. Have a great day all
  15. Towst

    Tropical Tuesday

    Hello everyone, Nice to see some of you are getting nice weather, and those that don't have the sun just yet I hope it's on the way. It is hot and humid here but at least it's still high 20sC not in the 30s yet so I'm not complaining, I also get to make the most of my lovely deck my husband built last year, we put a gazebo on it and a fan affixed into the gazebo so it's a perfect place to take a break in the daytime and well into the evening. I don't have Alia this week so I"m hoping to catch up on the housework and move a few things around/have a clear out to make more room for Alia's things, which seem to be taking over. I ordered a new travel cot for her yesterday, apparently they are now called playards. which makes me laugh because Americans call their whole garden/property outside their house a yard, so to say this tiny little cot is a yard just so they don't call it a pen seems ridiculous. But they think pen sounds like they are caged in so yard it is. I hate to say but they are caged in I used to lay Alia down on my bed to sleep but now she is crawling and pulling herself up that's just not safe so I put her in her travel cot /playard but it was so heavy and difficult to fold up after using it and I didn't really have a good place to leave it up all the time in a part of the house that it was useful. Eventually my husband said lets just give up on that one and get a new one, it's still in perfect condition and it's a well known brand so pretty sure someone else will want the old one. The new one is supposed to be much easier to fold and about half the weight. You are always so busy Eliza I'd love to see the things you are making, you keep me inspired for when I get chance to do some sewing. Enjoy your embroidery in the car CN I hope you have nice weather for it and your meal out too. Sounds like your wedding preperations are going well Suzie, I'm glad the girls dresses have arrived and fit well, things like that are always a worry, nice to have them and know that part is done. Your daughters wedding preparations seem to be coming along also Linda and sounds like you are having a busy week. I don't remember if I told you that I was trying to organise my family to do an 'Escape Room' it's a fun team based activity where you are in a 'locked' room (it's not really locked one door at least is unlocked for safety) but you have to solve puzzles in order to unlock the door and escape within 60 minutes. Well we did it in Saturday and actually managed to get out in the time limit, just about, we had 3 minutes left on the clock. It was a lot of fun and everyone in the team (we had another couple ask to join us to make 9 in total) contributed to solving the puzzles so no one felt left out. We are going to try their second room in a few weeks time. Have a great day everyone