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  1. Rista


    Hello Looming :-)
  2. Rista


    I used to collect bookmarks, I loved the smell of the leather ones :-) but kind of stopped, mainly to save money. I don't really want to collect anything due to the space it takes up, I don't have much! My mother has a fridge covered in magnets of places she's been, it looks great :-)
  3. Rista

    Shells and Satsumas

    I love them both, especially the soup tureen, great idea :-)
  4. Rista

    Hi Everyone :-)

    Hi Everyone :-) I paint in acrylics and also create digital art, some of my art is here: http://www.changeofpace.co.uk I like to create like fun and bold art with plenty of colour. As well as painting I also run http://www.rista.co.uk which sells a wide range of coloured sand, gravels and other aggregates for art and crafts. Katie