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  1. m10tmj

    Back from Newbury

    you have your mojo sorry the fair wasnt what you expected there will be others so look forward to them!!
  2. m10tmj

    just been on telly!!

    you make me jealous boobang!! hope i get a card wont be nigel though i like him it was stephanie!! will let you all know if i do! love tracy x
  3. it suits your colouring and is exquisite well done reneta its wonderful x
  4. m10tmj


    WOWza what a lot of stash you have there!! look forward to seeing all your makes so many diffferent things for you to do have fun x :-)
  5. m10tmj

    m10tmj . . .

    you are more than welcome to keep the dies as i havent used them for ages you know what its liks so many different things going on so enjoy them x
  6. ijust love the art deco cd cant stop using it have made twenty cards from it this week will try to sell them for shelter after seeing the programme last week was eyeopening for me
  7. m10tmj

    Small tote

    thats gorgeous and so useful now we have to reuse bags lol my aunt makes bags (not as chic as yours) out of cotton fabric as shopper bags for oaps at her church. love tracy
  8. m10tmj

    just been on telly!!

    its addictive isnt it? hope you get your dies safely! enjoy your day x
  9. m10tmj

    hi another newbie here

    hello anne welcome to the forum im tracy live in hull and into cardmaking and other types of craft! hope to see your makes on the forum soon x love tracy x
  10. m10tmj

    Hello Everyone

    hi heidi im tracy from hull and love cardmaking and other crafts look forward to seeing your work on the forum love tracy x
  11. m10tmj

    Newby from Scotland

    hello and welcome i am tracy from hull and love cardmaking and all other types of craft will now go off and find out what kirkami is??
  12. m10tmj

    The Name Game

    angus :ahhh:
  13. m10tmj

    hello there!!

    hi julie hope you enjoy the forum its friendly and easy to use im tracy from hull into card making and lots of different crafts look forward to seeing your work love tracy x
  14. m10tmj

    Another new one here.

    welcome jane im tracy i live in hull and love lots of crafts look forward to seeing your work have fun on the forum its friendly and easy love tracy x
  15. m10tmj

    im debs

    :cheese: hi debs you will soon find your way around its a friendly forum and someone is always on here!! my name is tracy i live in hull and love card making. look forward to seeing your makes have fun and see you soon x tracy
  16. m10tmj

    Fun male card

    love it maggie mens cards are sooo hard to think of love the dog ! x tracy x
  17. m10tmj

    Card Making Tips?

    well i might get into trouble for this ;-P i work for asda and if you go in and ask verrrry nicely the ladies who fill the cards up if they are as nice as ours will save you some envelopes as they get thrown out. its such a waste but they all get pulped. they dont work for asda they are from a well known card company (who charge ££££ for a card!) if you go just after a major day like fathers mothers xmas etc more likely to let some go. if you get any envelopes from the ladies push your luck near xmas and ask them to try get you some little gold bells!!! they are on the gold chocolate reindeers and i know when i put them out people buy them and leave the bells in the shelf they are on they are so nice they are on gold ribbon and look great on cards. the rolls of double sided foam are £1 with 5 sheets of pads at the superpound shop
  18. m10tmj

    At long last- edited

    you have lovely cards there i cannot colour for the life of me it always look like a two year old has done it! thats why i dont stamp because you need to colour in!
  19. m10tmj

    Tunnel Book Card-Spells

    they are lovely cards i havent seen this type of card before will have to find out more!!
  20. yay! sold them all to a girl i work with she loved them said you cant buy them like that in the shops. was so happy making more!!
  21. m10tmj

    Look what you made happen Loopy Loo!!!!!

    what lovely images they are so cute
  22. m10tmj

    Wow! I'm buzzing!

    well done its so hard to speak in front of an audience. my friend works for the same network where i live and its such a rewarding job i hope you enjoy it if its something you do follow up . good luck and well done x
  23. m10tmj

    More pics

    more lovely places you have been looks stunning
  24. m10tmj

    Holiday pics

    lovely pics so idylic x
  25. m10tmj


    lucky you!! my husband thinks i need help stopping this not helping to carry on buying making and messing etc..... enjoy your mags x