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  1. m10tmj

    Son in laws cards

    lovely cards maggie love the car one and the dog one looks like mine dont you think !!
  2. m10tmj

    Have a Sweet Birthday!

    :cheese: the sweets look scrumptious well done megan what a lovely idea adds a real personal touch makes it a keepsake for your sons x tracy x
  3. m10tmj

    cards made using toppers from maggie50 b/d gift

    realy nice cards barbara tracy x
  4. m10tmj

    Victorian style cards

    very elegant cards love the lady x
  5. m10tmj

    1st birthday card!

    what a lovely card x
  6. m10tmj

    The Good Morning Thread

    happy birthday barbara :-) morning everyone hope your all nice and dry cos its poooouring down in hull just like when it flooded very heavy and non stop :down: will have to brave it though my dh is on a healthy eating regime and lost lots weight (wasnt real big just beer type belly lol ) and i have to get fresh bread stick each morning for his lunch oh well will be refreshing but wet!! tracy x
  7. m10tmj

    The New Word Association Thread

  8. m10tmj

    Game - Change one letter

  9. m10tmj

    Count to 1,000,000

  10. m10tmj

    The Name Game

  11. m10tmj

    Take a little peek....

    you will have your hands full there!! lovely pupppies
  12. m10tmj


    have recieved my list thank you eve x
  13. m10tmj

    another cuttlebug question

    just cracked mine :long:
  14. m10tmj

    do you remember.....

    might just have to buy some!! we put photos face down in saucers and made small plastic saucers with your photo looking at you keyrings allsorts should bring it back x
  15. m10tmj

    Engagement basket

    what a lovely keepsake for them they will be delighted im sure x
  16. m10tmj

    Which do you prefer game

    gas beer belly or sixpack!! ;-P
  17. m10tmj

    Favourite crafting tool

    i just bought a guillotine with birthday money and dont know how i managed without one!! had a ruler and craft knife it was pants also my big shot is a godsend x tracy
  18. m10tmj

    How stupid is this!!

    if you do a card sale i will send you some maybe if everyone did you could make quite a lot from it? just a thought Tracy x
  19. m10tmj

    Made 12 of these today...

    great cards. may be quick and easy for you to make but look elegant and expensive!! tracy x
  20. m10tmj

    2 Cards I Made

    love them two very pretty cards tracy x
  21. m10tmj

    Unusual order for teenage girls...

    why is it always the worst critic of our own work is ourself!! they are fab and suitable for any young girl/lady :cheese: you have done them wonderful x
  22. m10tmj

    wedding order

    what stunning cards xtracy x
  23. m10tmj

    40th Re-Union

    love it glad you found your inspiration for it in the end x
  24. m10tmj

    Butterfly Fancies

    what beautiful cards you are so talented love the papers x tracy x
  25. m10tmj

    The twins birthday cards !

    what lovely cards fairys are so nice Love the shape as well x tracy x