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  1. Floatyflowers

    Envelope maker?

    Thank you so much! I was toying with getting both, so, in all honesty i wont be making big cards, so ill buy the other one since youve found it easier to use. Thank you for your help!
  2. Floatyflowers

    The end of a year

    Brilliant blog!! Well done on doing 365 entries!!!
  3. Floatyflowers

    Envelope maker?

    Hi all. Im thinking about an envelope gadget thing. Do you use one? Find you dont need one? Any advice would be gratefully received Thanks! X
  4. Floatyflowers


    Thank you all so much!!!!!
  5. Floatyflowers


    Hello everyone! Im sorry i dissapeared. I was diagnosed with cancer. Ive had a fairly invasive operation from which im recovering, and i found out yesterday im all clear I hope everyone is well and happy x ~cheryl~
  6. Floatyflowers

    Advice for a first-time papercrafter

    I agree with you tube! It was my first port of call, that and magazines for inspirations
  7. Floatyflowers

    Distress ink blending

    Gorgeous! Ive tried doing that, but without your stunning results!
  8. Floatyflowers

    Hello from a newbie

  9. Floatyflowers

    What's on your Christmas list?

    More distress inks for me and perhaps a scor-pal. Hubby broke my glue gun, so one of them too x
  10. Floatyflowers

    Photos of Prize Added

    Im going to be working on the rest of my entries today. I got sone bad news, which threw me a bit! Getting back into ut today, sorry for the delay! X
  11. Floatyflowers

    The Food Game

  12. Floatyflowers

    Paper Craft Challenge closes November 1st

    Hi Frangipane! Wow!!! The prize is fabbo!!!! Im sorry ive been a bit delayed, but i have had some bad news, and now playing catch up! X thanks for posting the picture, perhaps it will encorage others xx
  13. Floatyflowers

    sad monday

    Oh im so very sorry!!!!! Sending thoughts xxxx
  14. Floatyflowers

    The New Word Association Thread

  15. Floatyflowers

    poor dog update

    Oh bless him. I really hope there is some improvement soon. Thinking of you x