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  1. GreenStitch

    Introductions Away

    Thank you again for the kind welcome. Oh and I forgot to mention, I'm moving to paris for a year in about 6 months time for my boyfriend's work. And I'm hoping to travel a lot while I'm there and learn some more traditional crafts from local artisans around Europe if any one has suggestions.
  2. GreenStitch

    Cloak for Larp

    well I wish I could figure out how to turn my portrait pictures around so I'm not sideways.
  3. GreenStitch

    Cloak for Larp

    So this is a pattern I used before but I wanted to make a few improvements from my last go around. simplicity pattern 5840 if you're interested. I shortened the hem by about 25 cm and added a polarfleece lining. as well as lots of pockets, 7 in total. You can never have too many pockets. I am starting to worry that the orange patch pockets on front look off and I'm thinking about replacing them with brown. Opinions?
  4. GreenStitch

    Introductions Away

    I'm new here and I'm super excited to learn new crafts and to have some feed back on the crafts I'm working on. I'm a life time member of girl scouts and have been a camp counselor for 7 years. I like collecting little child friendly projects. I'm thinking about doing a blog or something. you know a journal of all the projects I want to do when I have kids someday. I have this hobby called LARP. Its super fun and I get to sew all my costumes and cool pouches and stuff. I made it though some unemployment last year just by selling my cloaks locally. I currently working on one for my new character. I hope I'll have it done for going to the Renaissance festival this weekend. I like sewing and wood working, they are very similar in their need to do things step by step, cutting attaching finishing touches. I'm also working on a Gnome hose out of a stump in our front yard.