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  1. I was told the other day you couldn't "sell" on here and thought I would do a swap/give away of the beads I no longer want as they are just stuck in my cupboard doing nothing! Please email me for more info ([email protected]) I have lots more stuff as iv just shown below
  2. CraftyJess


    Christmas crackers
  3. CraftyJess

    Wedding Cake!

    Awww thank you x
  4. CraftyJess

    Wedding Cake!

    And it your wondering who took the pictures it was Me x
  5. CraftyJess

    Wedding Cake!

    Hope you don't mind me sharing this, but my cousin got married the other month and my mum made her wedding cake, never been so proud of a cake my mum has done!
  6. CraftyJess

    Where to sell your items- Where do you sell yours?

    Christmas fairs are good! X
  7. CraftyJess

    What do you think?

    Will have to buy it when I have some penny's!
  8. CraftyJess


    Where can I find tips to make stuff for craft fairs? Or do you have any?? So far iv got a few cards, Xmas tags and going to bake stuff
  9. CraftyJess

    Count to 1,000,000

  10. CraftyJess


    Thank you x
  11. CraftyJess


    Thank you x
  12. CraftyJess


    Hello, and phew haha look forward to my time on here
  13. CraftyJess

    Hello I'm New to the Forum and to Card Making :)

    Hello, I'm new here to I love my card making and stamping aswell X
  14. CraftyJess


    Hello, my names Jessica, 18 from Sheffield (yep I bet your wondering why the heck is a 18 year old doing crafts haha) I'm a beginner at doing crafty stuff I manly like doing card making and would love to do something like Scrapbooking next or soap making! Feel free to give me tips and tricks Many thanks Jess xx