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    thistledown got a reaction from Ddvdcmqwf in monochrome card   
    made this last night using corner punch and black base card trimmed the edge off and added paper to the inside edge of card. also added pearls thanks for looking
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    thistledown got a reaction from anniebabes in Wee Bootees now with Mitts !   
    gorgeous set  the recipient will be thrilled
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    thistledown got a reaction from wasslipu in tomatoes outside in scotland!   
    hubby planted what he bought as supposedly verbena in our back garden in a pot and some died but one took hold and hey presto tomatoes unbelievable outside albeit they were green but just shows how warm it was this summer.I got 690 grams of the plant only made jar and half chutney but didnt want to waste them.there were still loads of flowers still on but weather had turned cooler so had to pick them before frost appeared.
    first time at making chutney too and probably last.

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    thistledown got a reaction from AngelGoneMad in September Creations   
    lovely cards my favourite is the monochrome very striking