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  1. tiggertastic

    Lots of new makes!

    Stunning !
  2. tiggertastic

    Bags More Ideas

    on me likely !!! muchly
  3. Never even thought about it to be honest
  4. tiggertastic

    The necklace I made for my best friend

    very pretty and such a different style too.
  5. tiggertastic

    Smiles By Wendy

    Lovely makes, really like the latest addition with the snowflakes
  6. tiggertastic

    thank you card

    really creative
  7. tiggertastic

    Give Away - Tiggertastic

    Waiting for PM's
  8. tiggertastic

    Give Away - Tiggertastic

    Hi everyone, Well it has ben 10 days since the last post, so I am going to draw 3 winners. congratulations 7 bobsie 12 Angelgonemad 11 Rachelsian19 Please pm me your address and I will get your box of goodies to you, please let e know if you would like Card bits or beads xx
  9. tiggertastic

    Couple of notebooks - Tiggertastic

    Copics: Cloak : BG09, BG05 BG00, BG000 Eyes : YG09, YG06 Lips : R46, R24 Dress: RV34, RV23 Hair : E29, E25 E71, E33 Skin : E21, E02 Background : W1, W3, W5, W7, 0 Hair E21, E51, E33, E25,E71 Image : Cloaked Lady - Delicious Doodles Using : Butterfly Border and...... Copics Thank you for looking, Sarah xx
  10. tiggertastic

    June swaps is put on hold!!

    yep diderly-tastic i am doing them
  11. tiggertastic

    Give Away - Tiggertastic

    Crafty Nannie, you may of commented on my blog, also Tiggertastic
  12. tiggertastic

    June swaps is put on hold!!

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh SWAPS, missed doing them x
  13. tiggertastic

    Help with my Robo/Silhouette please

    ok x
  14. tiggertastic

    Hi' New to Jewellery looking for classes

    Hi and welcome. Google is a god save in starting and understanding terminology along with searching for tips if you get stuck with anything, just post up and i am sure we can all help. and remember there is never a silly question xx
  15. tiggertastic

    Oooh a holiday!!

    Thats lovely and very kind too x