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  1. Aims

    Shrink Plastic

    I've used shrink plastic quite a lot in my designs and I tend to find that an image around 3inches tall gave a nice sized charm when shrunk Here is one I have found that shrinking it in the oven is also better than using a heat tool, its a more even shrink... Hope that helps
  2. Aims

    Hey can anyone say,...

    Really lovely makes I think they look neat and professional already... I think the most simple way to make things look professional is to just hone your techniques so they are neat and then your jewellery speaks for itself...I had a student once who just practiced wrapped loops for a week and in the end they were perfect, better than mine!!
  3. Aims

    Have you ever used these beads

    Yes I have used beaded beads loads but I never pay that much for them, I usually pay under 30p each for large ones...PM me if you would like a link to the shop
  4. Aims

    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Ok not sure who I have upset on here for people to read this but not actually reply, guess I am just out of the loop now, sorry everyone!
  5. Hello everyone, Just wanted to pop in and say merry christmas to you all! Hope you all had a lovely festive season and have enjoyed being with those you love the most I spent my christmas away from my family but was skiing with my in-laws so we had a fabulous time and are well relaxed and enjoying spending time with my family now before returning to work in the new year. ((Big hugs)) Aims x
  6. Aims


    Glad you enjoyed it I need to book on one of these as I am flying to Bulgaria on the 20th December to go skiing and I have never done it before! argh! Aims x
  7. Aims

    Hello everyone, hows things?

    Thanks everyone I just feel so busy these days I hardly have the time to pop in to say hi never mind catch up! Hope you are all well and taking care of yourselves! Susan, sounds great fun, I have never been skiing before so people of Bansko watch out too ha ha :op Aims x
  8. Hello all! It has been too long so I thought I better get myself over here and check in to say hi... How is everyone doing? Tell me your news Things are great here, really busy with work but enjoying it so it is all good...currently writing an abstract for a paper to present at next years Euroupean wind energy association conference in Belgium! Not doing much jewellery these days (just the odd designer challenge for an unnamed publication he he) but am getting plenty knitting done as the weather is getting colder Looking forward to my holidays at Christmas too, we are going skiing to Bulgaria so it should be loads of fun! Anyways enough about me, tell me all how you are! Aims x
  9. Aims

    Cable cowl/snood

    Thanks everyone it has been fairly chilly up here for the past few days so it hasnt left my neck hehe, it is keeping me nice and toasty! It's going to be perfect for when I go skiing at christmas and the OH's mum has shown an interest in it too. I might buy some more yarn and dye it with Kool-aid for hers...just to give it a go! Aims x
  10. Aims

    Cable cowl/snood

    Hello everyone, I am on a knitting mission at the moment, second FO of the week This is a cowl/snood knit in an undyed alpaca/silk chunky yarn, absolutely divine to knit with and there is no way I will be cold this winter! Thanks for looking Aims x
  11. Aims


    Oooh they are gorgeous! Love the colour too Aims x
  12. Aims

    Finally took some photos .........

    Really gorgeous items Aims x
  13. Aims

    Cherish by Kim Hargreaves

    Thank you both Aims x
  14. Aims

    wrap around scarf

    Oooh this is lovely, I love the colour too! I have a big ball of that wool but have never used it yet...
  15. Aims

    Cherish by Kim Hargreaves

    Thanks Goose! It was a lovely quick knit, it felt strange knitting on such big needles after using small ones...it was like knitting with sausages he he