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  1. Emma b

    I'm a New To This Forum!

    hello and welcome !!!!! Hope to talk to you soon around the boards and see some of your creations!!!! if you need anything let me know k Emma xxx
  2. ta martine ta maggie!!!!!
  3. Emma b

    eyelet squeezers card

    thats realy lovely!!!!!
  4. ooooh good idea with the diary i will will will!!! i cant stop smiling!!!!!!!
  5. thank you rachel sian i am landed and a tiny tiny bit gutted as my diet was going so well but hey at least i don't have to see the fertility people now!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Emma b

    Longest ever craft project!!

    oh i've always fancied that chart i've seen it loads of times in magazines and shops but never had the courage or the time to attempt it my hat goes off to you as it is far far beyond my ability wel done you it is stunning!!!!!
  7. I'M PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!! i don't know how far gone i am yet - it's complicated but i will see the midwife in a fortnight and take it from there!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so excited!!!!! and a little bit sick! but landed!
  8. Emma b

    talented 2belle

    Thank you Thank you Thank you Thank you i just got my post!!!!!! it really brightened up my day thank you!!!! right then time to get busy now then replying to you just wanted to let you know that i got it and that i love it oh but i cant promise mine will be as nice tho k!!! will write to you now 2belle k hope you get it soon thank you again!!!! what a suprise!!!! all my love Emma xx
  9. Emma b

    now for the good news

    Congratulations and celebrations!!! I love it when you win things i've won a few things by replying to competions in the cross stitch magazines in the past it really brightens up your day!!! hope you enjoy your prize!! Emma xx
  10. Emma b

    My Day Today

    how lovely but i am sorry but i can't really relate that well i've never been on a date! I met Daniel in work Fluid nightclub and i told my friend that i liked him then when she was out one night and was drunk asked him if he liked me childish or what!!!! i could have killed her but i was also landed as he said that he did! only problem was i had to work with him the following night and it was really awkward he was quite shy compared to me as well which wasn't good for conversation! he had been giving me a lift to and from work for a while and my sister too. we were in the staff room and i said so suzie was hounding you last night then? he replied yeah kind of. {silence} i said so what was she saying then? He said she asked me thats all if i liked you or not. {more silence} i then asked what he said back and he repiaed i said i did like you! I went red he went red then about ten minutes of silence followed! i couldn't stand it any more and said so what do you do in the week then he said that just drove around basically and i then proceeded to ask him if he wanted to go for a drive one night he said ok then we exchanged numbers and i said i'd phone him the day after (monday) we then started work. after work my sister her friend me and dan got into the car and he took my sisters friend home then dropped my sister off i got out of the car and let her out of the car (it was a three door) then got back in daniel looked at me a bit strange i saidso are we going for a drive tomorrow then or what? he was very taken aback and said yeah no probs phone me i then leaned over kissed him then got out of the car and went home! i liked him and i was not leaving him go! that was in November 2002 by february 2003 we were engaged and by the april we had completed the purchase on our home! was a bit whirlwind but we're still together got a gorgeous daughter and planning for another!! so yes i agree with 2belle romance is alive and well!!!! uuuuuuummmmmmm sorry now i looked this is really long huh? :red: Emma xx
  11. Emma b

    Morning Thursday

    hi everyone!!!!!! happy thursday!!!!!! well the sun is out but i cant go out waiting for a phonecall :down: nevermind when i take nia to school i got care of the child lesson then after school we are going to .............. um we are going to .......... um oh i don't know i'll think of something!!!! anyway hope you all get rest/work done/crafting done as you all wish! all my love Emma xx
  12. Emma b

    Visit My Blog

    i think it's great too much better than mine that reminds me i still havn't done anything on it naughty me!
  13. swot!!!!! only joking well done you!!!!!!! those are amazing results keep up the good work!! Emma xx
  14. Emma b


    oh another stamper i'm really getting jelous now i got to start stamping soon as my purse has money in it again!!! hello feejay nice to meet you i'm emma 24 from south wales and i do appologise in advance i am a bit scatty i have a fiance a daughter two fish tanks with tropical fish and a smell maker of a dog called cae!!!! hope you like it on here i know i do see you around emmaxx
  15. Emma b

    hello everyone

    wow what colourful newbies we're seeing lately i still can't change the colour of my text and i've lived here since February!! Sorry crafty-fox i do get distracted quite a bit you'll get to know me in time anyway what was i saying oh yes HELLO!!!!!! Hope you have a fantastic time on here i know i do anything you need give me a shout and i'll try to help see you around the boards soon i hope emma xx