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    card making, sewing, trying new crafts, dancing.
  1. NikBee

    here are some more xmas cards

    Very pretty cards. I love the images. Nikki x
  2. NikBee

    Cards for my family xxx

    Wonderful cards. Nikki x
  3. NikBee

    December Wedding card xxx

    A pretty card. I love the butterflies. Nikki x
  4. NikBee

    My second lot of Christmas cards :)

    Fantastic cards Louise. I really must get a wiggle on with mine. Nikki x
  5. NikBee

    Robo Lattice stepper card

    A gorgeous card. I love the lattice effect. Nikki x
  6. NikBee

    Monochromatic card with a splash of purple...

    This is gorgeous. I love the splash of purple. Nikki x
  7. NikBee

    Fathers Day card

    A fab card. I love the guitars. Nikki x
  8. NikBee

    Crown card

    A wonderful card. Great papers. Nikki x
  9. NikBee

    three from me

    Lovely cards. Nikki x
  10. NikBee

    A couple of Meadow Bear's cards

    Sweet cards. Nikki x
  11. NikBee

    monochrome card

    This is lovely. Very elegant. Nikki x
  12. NikBee

    Robo card using Sillouette software.

    This os gorgeous. I love the pattern. Nikki x
  13. NikBee

    birthday bag

    Hi Joanne, Martha is 2 in July and is a cheeky little thing, but full of life and happy. Daisy is 5 and at school, which she loves. Time has just disappeared! Hope you are okay. Nikki x
  14. NikBee

    Man's card

    A wonderful card. I love the cogs. Nikki x
  15. NikBee

    birthday bag

    A fantastic exploding bag. Such a great idea. Nikki x