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  1. Boots the Monkey

    Brass Stencils and the Cuttlebug

    Can anyone please recommend what to put in a Cuttlebug to make brass stencils work ? I have used the sandwich that is on the ProvoCraft Website with a mousemat and I have tried all sorts of combinations of plates, packs of paper, card etc. etc. and still can't get it to work. Has anyone found the solution ? I understand there is a mat on Oyster Stamps Website but I am reluctant to spend £6 odd only to find out that still does not work. Thanks
  2. Boots the Monkey

    Huge, huge thanks

    I would just like to say a huge thank you to all you lovely CB'ers who sent me birthday cards and raks. I had many, many beautifully made cards and they are fantastic. I shall take a photograph when the light gets better here of them all and say thank you personally for them but just wanted to say a huge thank you in the meantime. With love, Jo x
  3. Boots the Monkey

    morning every one its bitter cold in Wilts

    Well I never ! Hi Cazzy and Gail - fellow Wilts gals ! I live in Trowbridge too Cazzy ! Small world isn't it ?
  4. Boots the Monkey

    Plain and simple.............

    Hi Susie Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your beautiful Christmas card. It was so lovely for you to think of me. Hope you are all having a great Christmas ? Take care and hugs to all, Jo x
  5. Boots the Monkey

    Picasso vs Bus - Picasso lost :-(

    So sorry to hear your news Eve. Hope you and your car are soon feeling better. Jo x
  6. Boots the Monkey

    Sneaky Peek of this months CJ

    Hi Katy ! Not spoken to you for a long time. Hope you are OK ? Your CJ looks fantastic by the way ! Take care my lovely, Hugs, Jo x
  7. Boots the Monkey

    If you like modern Christmas cards.....

    Then why not have a go at the challenge on my blog have a look for details, thank you
  8. Boots the Monkey

    made in half an hour

    Wow, these are lovely, I bet your neighbours will love them. Jo x
  9. Boots the Monkey

    This month's SU Workshop projects.

    They are fabulous. I love Stampin Up products but yet to buy any !
  10. Boots the Monkey

    Cheese scones recipe? anyone please?

    You can also put half a teaspoon of English Mustard in the mix too and put some of the cheese on top of them before baking and then I sprinkle some paprika or cayenne pepper on the top too (gives them a bit of a kick !!). Serve warm with lots of butter - yum, yum !
  11. Boots the Monkey

    Online Christmas Event! It's PARTY time!!!

    What a fantastic idea, I can't wait to join in. What is the "emailed newsletter" ? I have never received one of these, anyone else ? Putting my dancin shoes on !
  12. Boots the Monkey

    Tilda by the gate!

    That's fantastic PP and a great idea too - I would never have thought of it !
  13. Boots the Monkey

    PaperArtsy Christmas Stamps Kit card

    Kate asked if we could show any pictures of any cards we had made with this kit that was on special offer on the CB site. This is my first card with the kit and I love the kit. I think I will use it a lot for my Christmas cards I made this for my DT piece on the BasicGrey Challenge Blog. Jo x
  14. Boots the Monkey

    PaperArtsy Christmas Stamps Kit card

    Thank you all for your lovely comments. Yes Kate, the stamps stamp beautifully although they don't look like they will when you see then ! I can't wait to see what you come up with from the kit, very exciting isn't it and so different for me.
  15. Boots the Monkey

    PaperArtsy Christmas Stamps Kit

    I have ordered the PaperArtsy Christmas Stamps kit that is shown on this site. Has anyone else ordered it ? I ordered mine on the 10th September and I have still not received it. I know it says to wait 28 days but I wondered whether anyone else had ordered and received it yet ? Jo x
  16. Boots the Monkey

    PaperArtsy Christmas Stamps Kit

    I received my Christmas kit this morning and I must say, I am impressed with the stamps. The papers are very small, I expected them to be A4 size but they aren't. They are lovely papers as they are double sided and so match each other. I did email PaperArtsy a few days ago about my order and I didn't receive any communication back which I was disappointed in. It is a big shame because the product itself is very good. I would probably order from them again but I would keep in mind that it would take nearly a month for the order to get to me !!! Hope you get yours soon. Jo x
  17. Boots the Monkey

    PaperArtsy Christmas Stamps Kit

    Thank's for the update Kate. I shall let you know when they arrive. I sent them an email yesterday but so far, no reply. Thanks, Jo x
  18. Boots the Monkey

    Vellum - Ideas please

    I have just bought myself some beautiful Christmas vellum but now I have no idea how to use it. I have just used some on a Christmas tag I have made for my DT work on a challenge blog but I'm not so sure I've used it right. I would love to know some ideas of how to use it. Thank's ladies !
  19. Boots the Monkey

    PaperArtsy Christmas Stamps Kit

    I have emailed them Max and told them I am not a happy bunny ! I will let you know what they say. Take care, Jo x
  20. Boots the Monkey

    PaperArtsy Christmas Stamps Kit

    Actually Max its really annoying because they took the money from my credit card straight away so I can't see why they can't send them to us. I might email them
  21. Boots the Monkey

    Thank you Crafty Kayleigh 85

    Thank you so much for the beautiful card I received in the card swap. Jo x
  22. Boots the Monkey

    Vellum - Ideas please

    So sorry girls, I should have replied sooner. Thank you very much for your suggestions. I shall give them a try. The vellums are beautiful, very Christmassy and I have a pack in silver and gold. I have used a piece of it on a Christmas tag which is on my blog but unfortunately it doesn't show the vellum at its best. I think I could have used it a bit better too ! Thanks, Jo x
  23. Boots the Monkey

    Paper trimmers?

    Yep, I've heard that is a good one too
  24. Boots the Monkey

    Paper trimmers?

    I bought mine from here I am not sure if this place is the cheapest (I think it was at the time I bought mine) but their service was excellent. I ordered it at 5pm and it arrived the next morning.
  25. Boots the Monkey

    Does anyone use MSN / Windows Live Messenger anymore?

    I use it all the time if you want to speak to me I think you may already know my email address ;-P