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    Crediton, Devon, UK
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    Cardmaking and papercrafting along with mixed media art. I also dabble with a little yarn love in the form of crochet and knitting.
  1. Devonbunny

    hi my name is janet from jgdcrafts

    Hello Janet, welcome to the forum. I enjoy many crafts including papercrafting, mixed media painting, knitting, cross-stitch, and crocheting. I look forward to seeing you around the boards and hopefully seeing your creations. Jules x
  2. Devonbunny

    Hi to all

    Hello and a very warm welcome to the forum. I am looking forward to seeing your sewing creations Blonder, sewing is something I've dabbled with but I've never been able to grasp it completely. Maybe you will inspire me to give it another go! I hope to see you around the boards. Jules x
  3. Devonbunny

    Hi new member from Swansea Wales

    Hello Heather, welcome to the forum I like to knit small baby clothes because they knit up quick! I'm not the most patient of crafters and do like as instant as result as I can get! I look forward to chatting with you. Jules x
  4. Devonbunny

    I've been painting...

    Hello lovelies, I thought I'd share my latest makes with you. I've been playing with mixed media art and came up with these... The latter is not quite finished, I want to add some sort of wording but I thought I'd share her almost done Thanks for looking. Jules x
  5. Devonbunny

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good morning lovelies (checks clock, yep, just morning still!) What are you all up to today? The sun is shining here so I have a ton of outdoorsy jobs to do - cleaning out the goats, cleaning out the chicken coop, checking for weeks, maybe even digging over the veg patch or that may wait until tomorrow. I've also allocated a bit of 'me' time (children permitting!) so I can make a card or three. Hope you have a beautiful day whatever you may be up to. Jules x
  6. Hello TC and a very warm welcome to the forum I very much look forward to chatting with you and hopefully seeing your creations. I am mainly doing papercrafting and mixed media art at the moment but have been an avid knitter and crocheter in recent years. Have fun and I'll see you around the boards! Jules x
  7. Devonbunny

    I made a card!!!

    It has been a loooooong time a-coming, but I finally found a slot in my day to make a card and I'm thrilled to be back doing what I love I've set myself up for another little free-time slot this afternoon all being well, so there will be more! Thank you for looking Jules xx
  8. Devonbunny

    The Good Morning Thread

    Well good morning you luscious lovelies, how are you fantastic lot today then? I'm feeling on top of the world today, life is rather grand for me right now and all is good. Today the plan consists of finishing my cuppa, sorting out the littlies, catching up on a couple of home-education projects, then...then...then...heading up to the attic for a crafty play! I've written down a couple of challenge blogs which I want to take part in this week so let's see how things go. It's been a long time since I've played with stamps and card, I can't wait! I hope everyone has an oodly-doodly-tastic day. Hugs to anyone who needs them. Jules xx
  9. Devonbunny

    a few new cards to show you

    Gorgeous makes, I love your style jules x
  10. Devonbunny


    I've just had this problem Maggie. I tried to change my profile picture and there appeared to be writing over the upload button. I managed to make the page larger by zooming and then click on the actual button and not on the text covering it. Obviously a technical issue that not only I was suffering, I thought it may have been because I am using Chrome as a browser. Jules x
  11. Devonbunny

    The Name Game

  12. Devonbunny

    The New Word Association Thread

  13. Devonbunny

    The fictional character name game

  14. Devonbunny

    A to Z in Movies and TV

    I Robot
  15. Devonbunny

    Two words game

    material girl