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    Card making, cross stitching, knitting and walking with my dogs Libby and Clover
  1. Mama Bee

    Happy Birthday Bigbunniesuk

    Sorry I missed this but glad you had a lovely day Carolyn. xxx
  2. Mama Bee

    Happy birthday to Mary (Artym)

    Oh dear Mary what a birthday you had but things have to get better from now on. Wishing you and hubby best wishes in your new home. xx
  3. Mama Bee

    Shout for Secret Santa

    Yes please Louise, count me in. Will pm my details now. xx
  4. Mama Bee

    members not heard from lately.

    ~~Waves~~ I'm still around and pop in from time to time although I'm guilty of not saying much. I moved house just over a year ago so have been busy decorating etc as well as looking after hubby and the dogs Libby and Clover. I still like to craft but don't seem to find as much time as I'd like, I have at least made a start on my Christmas cards which is early for me. Hope you are all keeping well and life is treating you kindly. Marilyn xx
  5. Mama Bee

    Cross-stitch query

    Helloooo. Are there any cross-stitch experts here that could help me with a query please. xx
  6. Mama Bee

    My Facebook page is up and running!

    Have also liked your page. Hope you do well, it's for a good cause. x
  7. Mama Bee

    Minion cake

    Thanks for the lovely comments. Not sure about the very talented bit Su2ie, although it did turn out better than I expected. My Granddaughter felt a bit bad but I think she enjoyed stabbing him really which was slightly worrying. He didn't last long after that. I had an order for another the following week but was too busy decorating. x
  8. Mama Bee

    Minion cake

    My Granddaughter asked me to make her a Minion cake for her 18th Birthday (don't ask). I'd never attempted anything like this before but gave it a go and was really pleased with how it turned out. It was made using 3 chocolate sponge cakes which I made myself, sandwiched together with buttercream and then shaped and iced. I was working on this for 3 days with a few curses along the way. We named him Kevin (apparently there was a Kevin in the movie) so apologies to any Kevins out there. Hope you like him.
  9. Mama Bee

    So very sad

    I'm so so sorry to hear your sad news Jan and can't imagine what you are feeling right now but you are both in my thoughts. Pleased that you got married and the registrar was very helpful at this awful time. Hope your happy memories will get you through this very difficult period. [[Hugs]] xx
  10. Mama Bee

    Very Sad

    So sorry to hear your sad news bc. Hope you manage to stay strong through this awful time in your life. ((Hugs)) to you and your OH. xx
  11. Mama Bee

    little box

    That is a lovely gift box Jan. xx
  12. Mama Bee

    What is your favorite movie you did watch?

    Difficult to answer but I think Titanic is up there for me. x
  13. Looking brilliant as usual Louise. Hope to see you make the front page again this year. xxx
  14. Mama Bee


    I used to collect anything squirrel related, ie ornaments, toys, pictures and the like, but had to get rid of a lot when I moved. Kept some old favourites though. I also collected souvenir pens which I think are still in a huge pencil-case in the loft. Interesting topic. x
  15. Mama Bee

    At Last, Some Wonderful News

    Brilliant news Nancy. You are due some good news so take care of yourself and I look forward to hearing about the new arrival in August. xx