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  1. Littleme

    Thank you!!!

    .....Maritez for the lovely birthday card and R.A.K. that I received yesterday morning! I haven't been active on this forum or in the Birthday club for quite sometime and I really am grateful that you remebered . Thank you so very much. Love n hugs! Susie xx
  2. As time is getting on Ive taken the liberty to chose the theme for this months card swap. Instead of sending one card with envelope and cello bag to the person below you on the list as is usual for card swaps I would like you just to send the card to them to wish them a Happy New Year! please send your cards for 29th December. Littleme Snaggles Heather1981 Shelley-Hope Pink Puppy Golden Hippie CraftyCharl100487 Crafty Kayleigh85 Rachelsian19 Ultramum Tigeress Partygirl Jintz Mittens
  3. Littleme


    Some totally gorgeous makes ladies good luck to you all!xx
  4. Can I play please? xx
  5. Littleme

    Spring knitting challenge winner!

    Well done Suzi!xxx
  6. Littleme

    May MOTM

    congratulations Becci xxxx
  7. Littleme

    Show us Your Makes!

    Ive just started I have a page on facebook called Little Stitches.
  8. Scattyhats you're chicks are fabulous! Good luck!xx
  9. Littleme

    April Image swap to me by 20th April

    No its fine,If youve already sorted them go a head and post! I'll just sent them for the may swap!
  10. Littleme

    May image swap (CLOSES 20TH MAY)

    Hi Sam can I please be added?x
  11. Littleme

    April Image swap to me by 20th April

    I had mine ready but wasn't added to the list so didnt send!x
  12. Littleme

    LK fruity challenge winner!

    Well done MT! xxxx
  13. ........for the hugest ball of wool ive ever seen! the prize I won for my pot of primrose was a ball of pompom wool with the instructions on how to make a scarf with the wool. Thank you so much! I am in the process of learning to knit and I have to admit I'm not finding it easy, certainly not as easy as I found learning to crochet last year....well Im not going to give us trying and will post a picture of my finished scarf in due course. Thank you again Kate
  14. Littleme

    Irish crochet

    Beautiful work Mary ann absolutely stunning!x
  15. Thank you Trish ......I love your cake its fantastic!x
  16. Everyone entries so far are wonderful but I have to say Trish's Calorie free cake is my favourite, Good luck ladies! Here is my entry. A card I have made for my niece Kloe. As you can see I'm making good use of my new toy too!
  17. Littleme

    Something for the home winner is....

    Thank you everyone!x
  18. Littleme

    Easy as One Two Three Challenge ~*~ WINNER~*~

    Congratulations Twinkle! well done, your pinifore dress is wonderful! I apologise for not saying congratulations sooner but working nights this week I ve only just had the opportunity to browse the forum!
  19. Littleme

    Something for the home winner is....

    Thank you Kate, my prize arrived yesterday morning, and I'm looking forward to making my scarf. Once ive learnt to cast on! Thanks again!xx
  20. Thank you ladie's! Mother in Law loved her set and since she'd been wearing it Ive had 4 orders from here friends for the same in various colours! Barbara your throw is beautiful it looks so soft and cosy!xxx
  21. Littleme

    Something for the home winner is....

    Thank you so much Kate, Ive just got in from a night shift and this has made my day, Im now going off to bed with a smiley face!xxx Will PM you before I go!xxx
  22. Thank you barbara!xx
  23. Wonderful makes ladies! Here is my entry: 1 pair of crocheted slippers. each slipper has 2 buttons and has used 3 stitches. Chain stitch, Double Crochet and Triple Crochet.
  24. Hi Elaine, I'd like to enter my Necklace and earring set that I made my MIL for Mother's Day!