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  1. nessaj

    Slow cooker recipes anybody?

    I'm glad I spotted this posting, not been on here for ages and ages it seems, and this post jumps out at me - excellent as I bought my very first slow cooker last month. Love the 13lb chicken idea, but my pot isn't that big lol! Nessa xxxxx
  2. nessaj

    The Name Game

  3. I'm in, just voted too Nessa :-) xxxxx
  4. nessaj

    August ATC swap _ to been here by 21 st Aug.

    Hi Isabelle, Still worried that you haven't received mine in the post yet, I made two the same called 'Count Your Blessings' that were sent off :-S If they don't arrive this'll be the second time that my ATC's for swaps have been lost by the Royal Mail :down: Think I am going to have to start sending recorded delivery at this rate. Nessa xxxxx
  5. Thats fab Rachel :cheese: Why throw stuff away when you can do this with them :-) Nessa xxxxx
  6. nessaj

    Cute Tilda Baby Card....

    Really cutesy card Jules How can anyone not like something so cute! You've used those flowers again too, love that style of flower you do. Nessa xxxxx
  7. nessaj

    Josh & Ava Been Crafting

    Natalie, If you are anything like me you'll end up with piles of little craft projects that in my case Kerenza has made for me :cheese: Every little excuse and that's it, if we are indoors she wants to make a card or a picture, and she's enjoying making ATC's at the moment too. Today was a thankyou card for one of my Mum's friends who gave Kerenza a badmington set yesterday You can't throw any of their little works of art away either, and they come up with some lovely projects that are just so precious. Enjoy them all and treasure them all :cheese: Nessa xxxxx
  8. nessaj

    My weekend Orders

    Lovely cards Maggie, love the colours that you've used on the bookatrix :cheese: Nessa xxxxx
  9. I'm with Erin, my jaw dropped too Not got anything else to say other that stunning :cheese: Nessa xxxxx
  10. nessaj

    order for notebooks and bookmarks

    Excellent Isabelle, When your sisters friends recieve these you'll then have some more orders Keep it up :cheese: Nessa xxxxx
  11. nessaj

    Some cards I did

    Fab cards Michelle They've really brought a smile to my face :cheese: Nessa xxxxx
  12. nessaj

    Walking Into The Garden with Cat

    Beautiful card Natalie :cheese: From you it couldn't be anything but Amy Butler - you really do bring them to life :cheese: Nessa xxxxx
  13. nessaj

    5 Male cards from one 6x6 pad

    Fab cards Sarah, love them, they are cheerful and bright :cheese: Especially love the owl one and the make a wish one. Nessa :cheese: xxxxx
  14. nessaj

    The New Word Association Thread

  15. nessaj

    Memory foam mattress

    Hi GH, Hope that you get what is right for you that gives you some respite and a better nights sleep. When I get my full nights sleep I am just so much better the following day, it makes a big difference. Both the foam toppers and the featherbeds are not cheap purchases so whatever you choose you'd be best if you can purchase from somewhere that will allow you return the item if it's not what you are looking for, I am a bit of a QVC addict with some type of purchases but the thing is they are delivered to my door, I can try the items to see if I am happy with them and if I'm not I can send it back, and big items like these they will collect. Best Regards Nessa :0) xxxxx