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  1. Thanks. But as much as I'd love to take credit for the apron - it's actually Tanya's marvellous handiwork
  2. You can see it when it's done! I'm also embarrassed to show it next to Tanya gorgeous apron... mine is no way near as exciting.
  3. Adrienne Chandler

    PE Bag the Second

    I know Lady Laurence has beaten me to it when it comes to handstitched PE bags, but I thought I'd post my efforts. It's for my cousin's two-year old who started pre-school on wednesday. Adrienne
  4. Adrienne Chandler

    My 1st christmas cards !

    I love traditional Christmas cards. Congratulations on being so forward-thinking - you're putting us all to shame Maggie! I have a stash of festive products but am still in denial that summer's over. Once I get past that I'll start cracking on with my seasonal makes! :-)
  5. Adrienne Chandler

    Top for my daughters' birthday

    That's brilliant!! I so want one! Sally looks in perfect proportions to me. I wish I could paint so neatly.
  6. I have my pillowcase and sewing machine at the ready. I'm planning to make a waistcoat, although I've not actually worked out the practicalities so only have a very vague idea of how to do it...
  7. Adrienne Chandler

    PE Bag the Second

    Thanks Maggie :-) My cousin asked me to do it because she said a lot of the ones in the shops were for older children and had sports brand logos on them. James only turned 2 in June so he needed something fun. He likes trucks but I couldn't work out how to make a realistic looking one out of felt (they all just looked like a bunch of rectangles), so I went for a car instead. I suppose he's too young to complain that much about it. My Mum suggested adding the numbers for educational purposes.
  8. Adrienne Chandler


    Hi Carol, Welcome to the boards. I'm Adrienne and I'm the CB News Editor, if you're into cardmaking then you're definitely in the right place. There's oodles of inspiration to be had here.
  9. Adrienne Chandler

    Ticket giveaway - Weald of Kent show

    Morning all! I've got some more great tickets up for grabs! This time it's for the Weald of Kent Craft Show, next weekend (5th - 7th Sept). It takes place at Penshurst Place near Tonbridge. There'll be bespoke art, crafts and gifts, a show garden, antique valuation (that's a free service by the way), tutored wine tasting, workshops, and much more. It'll be a great day out. I've got 5 pairs sitting here. PM me with your full name and address if you're interested! :-)
  10. Adrienne Chandler

    I've made an Advent Calendar!!

    That's great, Lady Lawrence, very festive! How big is it? I thought it was just us here at CB Towers who were feeling the Christmas spirit already! :-)
  11. Adrienne Chandler

    Fridge Magnet Design challenge

    Congratulations PinkPuppy. Your narna really made us smile... does he have a name, by the way? :-)
  12. Adrienne Chandler

    Sorry - but I need a joke!

    While we're on the topic of jokes, here's one of my faves... Q: Why do sea-gulls fly over the sea? A: Otherwise they'd be bagels!! Boom boom! :-)
  13. Adrienne Chandler

    Recycling an old project

    So, I was rummaging around in my wardrobe this morning to find a handbag for work today and I came across one I made last winter... The thing is, it wasn't originally meant to be a bag. I don't know how many of you have seen the film The Golden Compass (based on Phillip Pulman's Northern Lights) but there's a knitted hat that Lyra wears. It was my second ever attempt at knitting and ended up miles too small, but being the resourceful person I am and not wanting to throw out the first thing I'd knitted that didn't have holes in it, I sewed up the sides, looped on a couple of lengths of yarn, attached a popper and turned it into a bag. Have any of you ever salvaged a project that went awry, or recycled an old make into something completely new? Adrienne x
  14. I'm already plotting what I can do with my pillow case (aside from put a pillow in it!). Great idea ickle pickle! :-) So much to do over the Bank Holiday, so little time - especially as I'm off on my hols next week, I also have to make my cousin's little boy a drawstring bag to hang on his peg when he starts pre-school in September. He'll only be 2 and a bit so it has to be pretty small. I'll post a piccy of that too when it's done.
  15. Adrienne Chandler

    Recycling an old project

    You're clearly a much more professional crafter than me, Sarah! My projects often end up 'not-quite-according-to-plan'!
  16. Adrienne Chandler


    Hi everyone! I've got a pile of tickets here for three great crafty events - they're all taking place this August Bank Holiday. Wrest Park Craft and Design Festival, Wrest Park, Silsoe, Bedfordshire August 23-25, 10am-5.30pm Discover a range of contemporary and traditional country crafts from felt making, pot throwing and tatting, plus see the latest designs in jewellery, stained glass, ceramics and much more. Entry includes admission to the festival, gardens, parkland and two state rooms. 8 pairs of tickets up for grabs! Chilterns Craft Show, Stonor Park, Henley-on-Thames, Oxfordshire August 22-25, 9.30am-5.30pm With more than 250 British makers, artists and craftsmen, ten large marquees brimming over with crafty ideas, hands-on workshops, stunning show gardens, free antique valuations and tutored wine tasting, it's a great day out. 9 pairs of tickets available! Highclere Castle Designer Arts, Crafts, Gifts and Food Fair, Highclere Park, Newbury, Berkshire August 23-25, 10.30am-5pm Sample and buy some of the finest designer arts, crafts gifts and food in the ancestral home of Lord and Lady Carnarvon (yes, of Tutankhamun fame!)Entry gives free access to the grounds on Sunday & Monday and discounted access to the Castle and its Egyptian exhibition on Sunday & Monday. 6 pairs of tickets to give away! PM me with which show you'd like to attend. It's first come first serve. Adrienne x
  17. Adrienne Chandler


    Hi Everyone in the office has been saying I should post a picture of the pressie and card I made for my brother's birthday last week. So, here they are... see if you can notice a recurring theme Adrienne x
  18. Adrienne Chandler

    Fancy a day out?

    Hi Everyone! I've got a family ticket to the Burwarton Show to give away. It all takes place in Burwarton, nr Bridgnorth, Shropshire on Thursday August 7th - perfect if people are stuck for ideas to entertain the kids no the hols are set to start. It's a traditional country show with craft demos, trade stands, a food hall, show jumping, sheepdog trials, farm animal parades, a freestyle stunt display, plus much much more. The ticket covers 2 adults and 2 children (5-16). The first person to PM me wins the prize! Adrienne
  19. Adrienne Chandler

    Fancy a day out?

    We have a winner! Thanks everyone :-)
  20. Adrienne Chandler

    Hi everyone!

    Hi everyone, My name's Adrienne and I work on CB. Hope you're all loving the mag. Keep crafting :coolsmile: