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  1. Anastasia1366716475

    Guess Who's Leaving

    Bye bye Miss Capel. Am enjoying all the grapes and croissants in the office today You'll make a great teacher; I'm looking forward to hearing all about your new adventures! xx
  2. Anastasia1366716475

    Let's Make Cards is calling all teens!

    Hi everyone, Great to hear that so many of you want to be in the mag. Thanks for offering but the article has now been finished and I'm no longer looking for anyone to take part. However, we always enjoying hearing from readers of all ages. If ten minutes of fame sounds right up your street, email tanya.clark@aceville.co.uk with pics of cards made from your Let's Make Cards kit, and you never know, we might just print your design for all to admire!
  3. Anastasia1366716475

    Share your top tips with other LGC readers

    Thanks Loopyloo. That's very handy
  4. Afternoon all, I'm writing a feature for Let's Get Crafting and am looking for some cardmaking handy hints and tips to include. Is there a secret you'd like to divulge? Or any basic words of advice for those who might be new to the world of cardmaking? Any tools or techniques you just can't live without? Please share your words of wisdom on this thread and you might just find yourself included in the next issue of Let's Get Crafting! Look forward to seeing what you guys come up with!
  5. Hi Tanner1, Welcome to the forum! So glad you enjoyed our beading issue. We have lots of exciting themes lined up for the future, but unfortunately nothing bead-related in the pipeline at the moment. Though you might want to check out our sister mag, Make Jewellery. It's packed with project ideas and is in the shops right now. Hope that helps Anastasia
  6. Anastasia1366716475

    Any ideas where i can obtain Brown Gem Hearts

    Hi AngieMay, Our kit is made especially for us, so is unfortunately not available in the shops. I've just had a quick search on the net for you, and though brown heart gems are tricky to find, there are plenty of other colours available. The following shops sell a flat-backed heart-shaped gems in a selection of different colours: 1 Mad About Cards www.madaboutcards.com 2 Craft Superstore www.craftsuperstore.co.uk 0870 0842 225 3 Craft Delights www.craftdelights.co.uk 01243 601720 Hope that helps Anastasia
  7. Anastasia1366716475

    Let's Make Cards is calling all teens!

    Yay, someone who fits the bill! Ifan24, I've sent you a PM. Basically, I'd like to know what kind of cards teens are into. And quite possibly, anyone that is willing to help me out, will get featured in the mag. If anyone else is youthful enough take part, do let me know. Oh, how I wish I was 19 again too!
  8. Anastasia1366716475

    Let's Make Cards is calling all teens!

    Hey there all, Are you aged 13-19 and love making cards? If so, let me know here and I'll PM you about an exciting opportunity to appear in Let's Make Cards magazine. Hoping there's lots of you out there
  9. Anastasia1366716475

    Quick and Crafty

    Thanks Sequin. We do try
  10. Anastasia1366716475

    Quick and Crafty

    Hi all, I was lucky enough to work on Quick&Crafty;! for 1 1/2 years. We had great fun putting the magazine together, but as there are so many exciting new launches - Sew magazine and Make Jewellery - as well as Crafts Beautiful, Let's Make Cards, Let's Get Crafting, not to mention Let's Knit, to keep us busy, we decided to put Q&C! to rest. We're so glad you liked the mag. The Q&C! team is still going strong, we've just all moved onto different mags. We're even in the same office! Hope you enjoy both our new titles and keep letting us know how we can improve all our craft mags. We love to hear from you! Anastasia x
  11. Hello everyone, Hope you're all having a lovely morning! :-) I've been browsing the web for crafty goodies, and am coming across some great little sites with cool downloads and fab competitions, which made me thing, what else is out there? What crafty sites do you love to visit and why? xxx Anastasia xxx