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  1. sheridan-jade

    in a geisha mood

    its a template that kirsty wiseman did on here a while ago ... i think its still in the download section =]
  2. sheridan-jade

    in a geisha mood

    i absolutly love geisha girls and i really enjoyed making these =] let me know what you think xxx
  3. sheridan-jade

    vintage tattoo themed cards

    these are made with bombshell stamps... And most of you know that i love vintage tattoos so these are perfect =] tell me what you think xxx
  4. sheridan-jade

    long time no see

    aww its really nice to know you guys havent forgotten about me =]
  5. sheridan-jade

    long time no see

    the cowboy one was me attempting to do less femanine cards =p
  6. sheridan-jade

    long time no see

    sorry i havent been around as much as i used to be ... youve possibly forgot who i am lol. anyways heres some new makes ... let me know what you think =]
  7. sheridan-jade

    Tilda Ahoy!

    awww i love these cards, especially how youve used the papermania blueberry hill paper. its so georgouse
  8. sheridan-jade

    Was Playing Around and

    OMG! I LOVEEEEEE THIS! its sooooo cute!
  9. sheridan-jade


    I need a robot template for a valentines card im making =] pleaseeeee help me out!
  10. sheridan-jade


    thats really cute =]
  11. sheridan-jade

    18th with a twist

    its my boyfriends 18th birthday tomorrow and i decided to make him something thats his favorite passion which is guitar. i didnt want to do 2d so i stepped it up a lil' and made it 3d sorry if the pics a little bit pants but i will take a better one some other time =] hope you like it xx
  12. sheridan-jade

    Can anyone help? Corner rounders.........

    i used a dovecraft 1inch paper rounder punc ... it also makes great scalloped edges
  13. sheridan-jade

    OK so its not paper but....

    YUMMY! .. but iom on a diet so ='[
  14. sheridan-jade

    2 birthday cards

    i love the party girl one the best cos it reminds me of them old 50s - 60s calender pin p girls =]
  15. sheridan-jade

    cards made with papers from laverne and ///

    there all truely stunning =]