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  1. knitcrazy

    Sew - Don't miss the first ever issue!

    I too noticed this magazine and cant wait to get my hands on it will it be on sale in Ireland from the 29th mags
  2. knitcrazy

    50 ways with buttons

    glad it will come in useful mags
  3. hi if you ever want anyone else i do all the crafts you do in the magazine thats why i buy the mag every month cause it covers everything i would just love the chance mags
  4. knitcrazy

    my aran baby cardigan

    here is the aran baby cardigan i was knitting i am just getting round to posting pics now
  5. knitcrazy

    Meet Honey Bunny

    ickle pickle you are so talented how many crafts can you do
  6. knitcrazy

    has anyone any ideas

    thanks those are fantastic ideas i will have to get to work on them soon
  7. knitcrazy

    has anyone any ideas

    the summer is coming and i would love to do some nice things for my two little girls one is 3 and the other is 2 i can knit but i cant use a sewing machine i would love to learn how does anyone have any ideas of some nice things i could do for them
  8. knitcrazy

    My Peacock Shawl is finished!!

    that is beautiful did it take you long to knit it
  9. knitcrazy

    Some items i knitted

    hi where did you get the knitting pattern for the sleevesless v neck top i would love to knit one of them for myself fantastic work girl well done margaret
  10. knitcrazy

    Hairclip and bobble set

    those are fantastic what do you need to make them i would love to try them
  11. knitcrazy

    card toppers

    has anyone any ideas hints and tips for making your own card toppers
  12. knitcrazy

    making hair clips help

    thanks ladies for all your help
  13. knitcrazy

    making hair clips help

    oh please tell me more about decorative clips using sewing methos i can sew too what do i need
  14. knitcrazy

    stretch magic

    i got some stretchy string to make some childrens bracelets but i dont know how to tie it off i made one and i must of tied it too tight as it broke and it was supposed to be stretchy any tips would be great
  15. knitcrazy

    making hair clips help

    does anyone know what you would use to stick beads to a hair clip i really want to make some but dont know where to start