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  1. willis15

    blackout linings on curtains

    My husband works nights occassionally and needs the bedroom really dark in the day so he can sleep. Our last curtains had blackout linings made into them and we have a blackout blind. We are now redecorating and have bought new curtains which match the bedding. What is the best way to add a blackout lining? They are eyelet curtains and I would call myself a beginner on the sewing machine. Any advice would be great as I am really not sure where to begin.
  2. willis15


    Hi all, I am fairly new to sewing, but really eager to try my hand at making things out of my own and childrens old clothes, be it altering for new clothes or making other pretty things. Trouble is I am not really sure where to start. Can anyone give any advise on good websites or books to give me a start? Many thanks Sally
  3. willis15

    Which printer?

    I have started plyaing with digital kits and loving it, but when i print out it never seems quite as I thought it would. Does anyone else to this and is there a printer you would recommend?
  4. willis15

    Volunteering to be a tester

    If you are still looking for testers I would love to be considered. I am a papercrafter primarily (cards & scrapbooking) but also knit and cross stitch. Thanks
  5. willis15

    Backing papers

    Thanks for the new kit - great to get something not Christmassy! Just wondering if backing papers are going to be available for download (or where I can buy) as they are fab this month.