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    All things crafty - card making, scrapbooking, shabby chic crafts, soft furnishings, interior design
  1. katyjanesdesigns

    I am so happy today I am bouncing off the walls!!!

    Bet your chuffed to bits!! xx
  2. katyjanesdesigns

    Long time!!

    Thanks xx
  3. katyjanesdesigns

    Long time!!

    Thanks ladies xx
  4. katyjanesdesigns

    Wedding piccie

    Thanks so much for you lovely replies xx
  5. katyjanesdesigns

    Wedding piccie

    heres a sneaky piccie of my wedding
  6. katyjanesdesigns

    Long time!!

    oooh didn't get your text honey still got the same number xx
  7. katyjanesdesigns

    Long time!!

    Thank you ladies Natalie huge hugs to you darlin xx
  8. katyjanesdesigns

    Long time!!

    Thanks purplepixie xx
  9. katyjanesdesigns

    Long time!!

    Thank You xx
  10. katyjanesdesigns

    Sarah Kay and Chicks

    Fab card, love the image xx
  11. katyjanesdesigns

    Won a Prize today.......

    Well Done Maggie xx
  12. katyjanesdesigns

    Long time!!

    HELLO!!!!! Its been a long time since I was on here!! I just I would pop on and say hello I'm now married! Sorry I haven't been around I don't seem to get chance to do everything I want on the computer! Anyway crafting hugs to you all Katy xx
  13. katyjanesdesigns

    New swap - Circle Journal

    Fab news Tracy Send our best wishes to Alison. I still haven't got mine back I feel it is a lost cause xx
  14. katyjanesdesigns

    New swap - Circle Journal

    Good idea Tracy, let us know how you get on. I will post Alison's and Sara's back this week xx
  15. katyjanesdesigns

    New swap - Circle Journal

    Thanks for letting us know Marie xx