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  1. Denyze

    Yet more Birthday Thankyous

    'some stamped images from images'......that's me, lol x
  2. From left to right........ Miss.Chella Maggie Jay Sam (Lacey) Marilyn (Mama Bee) Maggie 50 Maritrez Kaz (Copse) Sarah (Tiggertastic) Shirley (Golfer) Delia (Dee Snr) I'd include the lovely & generous Raks, but I had a slight accident in that they've got mixed up somehow, (Doesn't surprise me, I nearly put a bottle of bleach in the fridge the other day) I'd written on the envelopes so I knew who sent what so I haven't a clue what I've done, apart from Maggie Jay's which are a lovely pair of black earrings. Thankyou to all of you who sent me lovely pressies. x
  3. Denyze

    Birthday Thankyou's

    Thanks ladies, just about to attempt to upload photo, wish me luck! lol x
  4. Just wanted to say thankyou for the lovely cards/raks I received yesterday for my birthday. The cards are still up so when it's time to take them down, I'll take a photo and hopefully get it uploaded (last time I tried that it wouldn't work) Thanks again x
  5. Denyze

    Birthday thanks to Denyze

    Glad you got them Joanna, I had no idea you liked pink either. If you receieved it late I apologise, I'm just behind with everything these days, craftwise and otherwise!! Hope your day was a good one too. x
  6. Well done Louise for organising swaps. I did my first one last month and found I was getting really anxious about it! I wasn't able to post a photo due to upload problems. I hope all goes to plan for future swaps. x
  7. Denyze

    My craftroom :)

    I'm jealous of anyone who has a bigger craft room than my little box room!! lol.......Louise, what a great place you've got, and it looks so organised. x
  8. Denyze

    July Bookmark swap

    I have to say, I was tempted not to send any of the bookmarks out, lol.....I wanted them all! x
  9. Denyze

    A Girls Wallhanging

    This is simply gorgeous Natalie. x
  10. Sorry Louise, didn't let you know sooner about this..... x
  11. Denyze

    July bookmark thanks to seaweed

    I'm glad you got it Sue, it is lovely isn't it? x
  12. Hi Tanya, Thanks for replying. I could understand if it was timing out but it isn't (a pop up box would tell me so).....I tried posting where I uploaded the pics first and text after and vice versa, and still got a blank white screen and 'Done' in the bottom left corner......and it doesn't explain why the same thing is happening to others, judging by some of the recent posts before and after me. The size of the pics is also smaller than the maximum size we're allowed to use as well and they were both different sizes. x
  13. Denyze

    Anyone at CB Towers?

    Wish I was......lol x
  14. Denyze

    Anyone at CB Towers?

    I've asked 3 times since last Saturday for help in the first aid section for help regarding the uploading of photos, and yesterday somebody else posted about the same thing........is there anyone at CB Towers who can help....plus a while ago I posted in the subscriptions section a request for the spelling of my forename to be corrected, again no reply, received my CB mag the other day to DEENYZE Burrell again. x
  15. Still waiting for some help on this please. x