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  1. Becki

    Card I made with blog candy I won

    Thank ladies - I'm really pleased you like it. :-) Eve, two step stamps are where you have two stamps to make one image. This image is one from a couple of sets of Stampin' Up stamps I won, and they do a lot of two-step stamps. Basically, the more solid, background colour is stamped first, then using a stamp positioner you stamp the second, outline image over the top. It's a really simple concept but I think the effects are brilliant. I'm so chuffed having won this candy! Hugs,
  2. I won some fab blog candy just before Christmas and have finally had time to do a bit of crafting and made a card with it. It's over on my blog, here - I'd love to know what you think. Hugs,
  3. Becki

    Trying to Update Photo

    Woohoo - it's updated now!!!!! I love this new photo. Alan took it while we were on honeymoon in Cornwall in June last year. I love how chilled I look! Thanks for all the help, everyone. Hugs,
  4. Becki

    Trying to Update Photo

    Thanks Rosie. I don't think it's that, though, as I've already re-sized the photo and the file is small enough to be accepted. Really odd that the old one keeps appearing back again.. I keep removing it but it's as if it's on elastic! Hugs,
  5. Becki

    Trying to Update Photo

    I wonder if anyone can help? I've been trying to update my profile picture but without any success. I've got a photo ready, which easily complies with the file size requirements, but for some reason it just won't upload. I've been removing my existing photo, then browsing my pc to insert the photo I want. The correct file details are appearing in the "browse" box, and when I click upload, it says it has uploaded successfully. Unfortunately, when I look at my profile picture again, there is the old one, back like a bad penny. Anyone got any ideas?
  6. Becki

    Card featuring Nude Stamp

    Thank you everyone! Alan received the card yesterday and was thrilled to bits with it. And thankfully, he didn't think she looked like she was being sick (phew!!!) Thanks so much for your lovely comments.. Hugs,
  7. Becki

    Card featuring Nude Stamp

    Funny how people see things differently.. Let's just hope that Alan likes it!
  8. Becki

    Started My Christmas Cards Now!

    Beautiful as always Natalie! Well done on deciding to make some after all (and good girl Maggie, for persuading you..). Hugs,
  9. They're really pretty, Helen, and I'm sure they'll be appreciated. On the glue question, my fave glue is Art Institute Dries White. It's a fab all-rounder. As well as that I always keep double-sided tape on hand, and silicone glue for those really stubborn things that refuse to stay put with anything else, or for decoupage. Welcome to the wonderful word of papercrafting - you'll find it hard to escape now.. hee hee! Hugs,
  10. Becki

    Card featuring Nude Stamp

    Hee hee - I've just been and had another look at the stamp and I can see what you mean! But no, it IS her hair, I can assure you.. Strong stuff, Leffe! Hugs,
  11. Becki

    Card featuring Nude Stamp

    Thanks Lacey!
  12. This is beautiful! I'd love to try metal embossing but not dared so far. I bet it took ages! Well done!
  13. Becki

    Count to 1,000,000

  14. Becki

    Card featuring Nude Stamp

    Hi folks. Following my earlier post canvassing opinion I've posted photos on my blog (rather than on here) of a card I've made featuring a gorgeous nude image I picked up a while ago. It's on the Becki and Alan blog linked in my signature below if you'd like to have a look. I hope you like it! Thanks for looking.. Hugs,
  15. Becki

    Sunrise Photos....

    The countryside round about Mum and Dad's house (where I'm now living) is so amazing, I've posted some photos on my blog, of the views I wake up to every day. The sunrise yesterday was particularly beautiful. If you want to have a peep, they're on the Becki's Ramblings blog linked below. Thanks for looking.. Hugs,