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  1. margot

    xmas 2013 cb, hat pattern

    thank you .i think I know what you mean. where it says turn I pickup a stitch from the side and then that stitch becomes the kn2tog at the end of the next row, so decreasing stitches to give the rounded back of head shape. is that right? I will have another go. thanks for your help. margot
  2. margot

    overlocker spool attachment

    thanks for all your replies. sorry haven't replied earlier but haven't been able to get online. the attachment I was looking for was a plastic cone shaped piece, which fitted inside the spool so it could go on the spool holder of a normal sewing machine. thank you knit'n'stitchsue will be looking for the cone thread holder if I can't find the other one. ty all margot
  3. margot

    xmas 2013 cb, hat pattern

    don't know if anyone has tried knitting this hat, but I am having trouble understanding the pattern. am on row 35 (large size) and it says sl at the beginning but it doesn't say how many to sl. and also it seems to be worked in panels - it gives instructions for centre (cable) section but none for how to do other panels. maybe i'm reading it wrong, has anyone tried this pattern? and please could they help me with it. I haven't done any serious knitting since my children were small so maybe patterns have changed since then. tia margot
  4. margot

    overlocker spool attachment

    I don't know if anyone can help but recently I saw an ad in a magazine for an attachment for overlocker spools, so they can be used on an ordinary sewing machine. I was wondering if anyone else saw this ad, as I have forgotten where I saw it, or the name of the company which it was from. any help would be great. thia margot
  5. margot

    Tweetie Pie Pattern and Fabric Papers - issue 39

    here it is hopefully it will work this time. what you can't see on pic is that dress is made of striped cotton fabric. it took me ages to make as i kept sewing ruffles wrong way round. first i sew small ruffle on lining so had to unpick it. then i sew large ruffle onto lining wrong way round. then i had difficulty visualising finished garment but in the end i just followed pattern and after tuning it inside out a few times it came right. might have a go at making another. margot
  6. margot

    Tweetie Pie Pattern and Fabric Papers - issue 39

    tries to post pick but it won't let me post pioc. pic can be seen here http://busymitts.com/project/debi61/38197_baby-dress
  7. margot

    Tweetie Pie Pattern and Fabric Papers - issue 39

    hi i downloaded the pattern for baby dress in august and have just finished sewing it. i made it for my youngest granddaughter who is now 8 months old. luckily i made it in the 9 month size so it should fit. weather is a bit chilly now but it should be ok with a t-shirt underneath. margot
  8. margot

    Fusible vilene help

    hi fusible vilene is also known as iron on interfacing. it comes in various weights.. if you are sewing with a lightweight fabric you will need a lightweight interfacing. if making something heavy like coat fabric then use a heavyweight one. i usuallly use a medium weight, it does for all i sew. if you're not sure what weight ask the people in the haberdashery shop when you buy your fabric. i find the assistants very helpful with any queries i have. happy sewing margot
  9. margot


    if you can get to a dunelm mill shop (or try online) they do lot of designs. most at £2.99 metre
  10. margot

    12cm zips

    hi everyone was just wondering if anyone knows where i can get some 10cm, 12cm or 5in open-ended zips. have looked everywhere i can think of including amazon and ebay but can't find any anywhere. i know they do make them this small as i've seen them on dolls clothes, but can't find any. hopefully one of you ladies will know. am halfway through a sewing project for my grandchildren, and am getting desperate! tia marg
  11. margot


    hi was just wondering if anyone knows where i can get a4 card which is coloured on one side but white on the other as i want to make some double sided cards, but find that printing one side in one block colour a little expensive on the ink, and i've been unable to get card with colour on one side and print i like on other. thanks for your help margot
  12. margot

    Extra Challenge for January

    hi have been trying to upload pic but for some reason the site won't let me, please can anybody tell me how to upload pic? ty margot
  13. margot

    Extra Challenge for January