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    NOVEMBER Knitting and Crochet Swap - Christmas Ornament

    Absolutely no problems about being a bit late. It is happening to all of us at the moment! Liz, I received yours yesterday. I am sure the others will arrive very soon too. They have decided to "change" our postal delivery and it has all gone a bit wrong. It was fine before, so I have no idea why they decided to change things this close to Christmas!
  2. martingale-2012

    november all crafts swap

    Posting mine first class today - is it me or as we get closer to Christmas is time just running away?
  3. martingale-2012

    Mini Challenge

    My guess is £274.00... Basing that on how much my son's nursery earned plus a bit more!
  4. martingale-2012

    Secret Santas please read :)

    Mine is sent too. Thank you, Louise xx
  5. martingale-2012

    NOVEMBER Knitting and Crochet Swap - Christmas Ornament

    All added now - sorry it has taken me a while xxx
  6. martingale-2012

    Hello everyone waves like mad

    Hi Louise - I hope all the clearing goes OK. It's grey here today as well - winter has set in, hasn't it? I do hope you can get crafting again soon. You must have very itchy fingers!
  7. martingale-2012

    november all crafts swap

    I'll join you please!
  8. martingale-2012

    NOVEMBER Knitting and Crochet Swap - Christmas Ornament

    Both added - thank you for joining me!
  9. martingale-2012


    I'll join you, MT xx
  10. martingale-2012

    OCTOBER Knitting & Crochet Swap - For your necks!

    MT - THANK YOU!!!!!! What a stunning choker. I am so glad I don't have to give this away to anyone else - it is just beautiful. Thank you also for all of the wonderful RAKs. I am madly knitting yours - as the weather is getting colder, this is feeling more and more appropriate as it is toasty warm. Just doing the final rows now and then it will be in the post back to you. Thank you again for joining me in this swap, I have had so much fun challenging myself for this. xx
  11. Its time to start getting scarves and woolies out soon, so I thought this month's knitting and crochet swap should be for our necks. However, I thought you could interpret this as broadly as you would like. So don't just think scarves and don't just think for warmth. Sometimes beauty is just as important, so some other ideas are: snoods collars knitted or crochet necklaces shawls or the trusty old scarf of course There are so many lovely patterns around - I know I have been eyeing up some of the gorgeous patterns for lacy knitted collars in some of the recent Let's Knit magazines. So think about what you have time to do, what you might like to do, and let you imagination go wild. International knitters are very welcome of course. PM me for my address if you don't already have it. The close date will be 28 October. martingale Maritrez
  12. martingale-2012

    The Works Craft Brand Names

    I am a bit of a sucker for The Works. Fortunately the only one near us is still a half hour drive away so I can't just 'pop in'. But I always walk about with a big bag of stuff when I go there. They are one of the few places I can still buy pretty letter writing sets (as clearly I must be the only person in the world who still writes letters!)
  13. martingale-2012

    RAK List

    I have a copy if you haven't heard from Bobsie? Although I am sure her copy is the more up to date one. Let me know if you need it.
  14. martingale-2012

    Help...need some sanity back in my life.

    Oh Mary, it sounds like a nightmare. I do hope it can get sorted out. Your mantra 'Keep Calm and Carry On' is a good one. You are such a positive and happy person, hopefully that can help you get through this.
  15. martingale-2012

    SEPTEMBER All Crafts Swap - Autumn

    After an absolutely glorious summer, autumn is on the way. So this month, the theme for the all crafts swap is Autumn. You can interpret it however you like - you can use autumn colours, choose autumn motifs, or create something especially for autumn. As this is all crafts, you can sew, cross-stitch, make a card, bookmark or ATC, knit, crochet, paint or anything else crafty you can think of. Closing date will be 26 September to give plenty of time for your Autumn creations. martingale crafty nannie Fenicia
  16. martingale-2012

    Happy Birthday Sam/Lacey xxx

    Happy birthday!!
  17. martingale-2012

    SEPTEMBER All Crafts Swap - Autumn

    Please all accept my apologies for taking so long to send this out. With my exam on Thursday morning, I have been so caught up with revision that everything else has taken a back seat. There will be an extra special RAK in all of your packages for your patience. The exam is finished by 1.00pm on Thursday - after which time I have got quite a lot of catching up to do!
  18. martingale-2012

    OCTOBER Knitting & Crochet Swap - For your necks!

    Added MT - thank you so much for joining me xxx
  19. martingale-2012

    SEPTEMBER All Crafts Swap - Autumn

    All received and you ladies make life so, so difficult! I just want to keep everything!! I should have the swap sent back out by the end of the week, once I have decided which things I can bear parting with.
  20. martingale-2012

    anniversary mini booklet finished article

    Lovely - what a thoughtful gift. I bet she will treasure it.
  21. martingale-2012

    New craft

    They sound great! It would be great to see how your experiments turn out. About the only thing I can think of which I love doing is smash-booking. It is scrap-booking without any rules. You literally just 'smash' whatever you want on the pages and see what comes out. So you can add any bits of ephemera, ticket stubs, receipts, serviettes, paper scraps, embellishments, photos etc. You can then write, draw, scribble, paint or anything else to make the page look 'complete'. I love doing it as I am one of those people who keep all sorts of things because they each carry a memory. When I sit down to work on my smash book, I don't really think. I just do it. Some of my pages have turned out beautifully, others...well, they have left a bit to be desired, but I never get tired of looking at it. I guess it is like free form scrap books?
  22. martingale-2012

    Hey all...& advice needed :)

    Oh what would I give to have a spare room just for crafting stuff! There's some great ideas here for making use of a small space. I tend to use storage boxes - lots and lots of them. I have them stacked neatly in corners, my papercrafting stuff near the dining table (which is the only place I have to do it) and my knitting and cross stitch stuff in our shared office (which is already stuffed to the gills with books). For things like my papers, I use the plastic pocket display books so I can just flick through when I am looking for a particular pattern or colour. They should be more organised - like into colour or theme, but I am not quite THAT organised.
  23. martingale-2012

    SEPTEMBER All Crafts Swap - Autumn

    Hi Erica - sorry I didn't notice your post yesterday (thank you MT! xxxx) Yes, of course - if you are overseas, rather than send a stamped addressed envelope, just send an addressed envelope and I'll pay for postage here. To make up for it, you can just include a few extra little crafty bits in the envelope. If you want to join, I'll send you my address and if I know it is coming, I will wait a little before I send out the swaps. Just on that, Fenicia, yours has arrived safely.
  24. martingale-2012

    hospital this morning

    Just to say I had my colonoscopy this morning - I still feel absolutely awful, but that was from not eating anything at all for 36 hours followed by sedation. But the good news is it was all clear, so it seems I don't carry the same gene that caused my brother's cancer, otherwise they would have found polyps. I am sure when I feel better I will be thrilled at the news but right now I am absolutely exhausted.