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  1. martingale-2012

    I needed some more gents cards

    I love the steampunk feel of these cards - they are just fabulous. I also really love the mix of colours and textures - what a great selection.
  2. martingale-2012

    POLL: Which craft trend of 2014 are you looking forward to?

    I love looking at my button tin too! And I love adding to it. Digging through it is just like digging through a box of candy. I chose retro patterns, although I do like floral vintage too. I love bright colours though so I can't wait to see how the crafty trends pan out.
  3. martingale-2012

    What are your favourite card embellishments?

    I voted pearls and gems because I can never resist a bit of sparkle. But I absolutely love buttons and ribbon as well. Far too difficult to choose.
  4. What an amazing collection of cushions. Congratulations to all the winners! MT, your penguin is really fabulous.
  5. martingale-2012


    Can you put me down for the ATC swap and the all crafts swap please?
  6. martingale-2012

    Something new deadline extended to 7th March

    There are a couple of things I too have been meaning to try and never quite got around to - so maybe this is the excuse I need. Thank you for the challenge, Robyn.
  7. martingale-2012

    What to do with ribbon.

    I love Bobsie's idea of lying down and rolling in it with pleasure! But aside from that, in terms of crafting, I have seen some really lovely ribbon embroidery. It also could be used for very simple things like wrapping gifts or decorating bunches of flowers. Take a look on Pintrest - I did a search for ribbon crafts and there were so many ideas. My favourite was a ribbon headband or hair accessory holder which you hang on the back of the door. It was genius!
  8. martingale-2012

    sad news

    I am so sorry for your loss. Time will never heal it fully, but as Mary says, it will allow you to remember the wonderful things about your Mum.
  9. martingale-2012

    New swaps for 2014

    I think it sounds like a great idea and I will definitely host. We will be moving house soon, so I might leave it until either April or May (or both - I don't mind) when I will be sure of what address I am at. I also had the same question as magpiesdelights though about whether people will sign up for all or if they are able to do just one or two...
  10. martingale-2012

    POLL: What papercrafting essential can you not live without?

    I also voted for the die cutting machine, but mine would definitely be the red double sided tape that I get in bulk from Affixit Crafts. It is just fabulous.
  11. martingale-2012

    Happy new year!

    Happy New Year! We live the high life here. We were in bed by 10.00... As for resolutions, mine is to craft a little bit every day and blog about it. The crafting bit isn't too difficult, although the blogging is a bit more of a challenge. I also aim to sort out my crafty stash but I haven't actually started doing that yet. Plenty of 2014 left to go! I received a Stitchmaster floor stand for my Cross Stitch which is fabulous, as well as two step-by-step knitting books, one on knitting Fair Isle and the other on Lace Knitting so I hope I can find enough time to work through both of them.
  12. martingale-2012

    Cross stitch ----

    What a beautiful finish, Mary.
  13. martingale-2012

    SSs post up your thanks & photos here

    I have to say, Carolyn, that you are one of the very few people I have come across who has known what my username meant! Happy Crafting this year - I hope it is a wonderful one for you.
  14. martingale-2012

    SSs post up your thanks & photos here

    Firstly, I am so sorry it has taken me such a long time to come on here to thank my SS. I only managed to open it a couple of days ago after we got back from Cornwall and the power finally went back on again, and it is just now that Ethan has gone back to nursery that I have had the time to take a photo and get it uploaded. I absolutely love the card in particular - it is beautifully made. Thank you for the wonderful gift.
  15. martingale-2012

    Happy New Year

    I hope everyone has a fabulous and very crafty 2014. xxx
  16. Thank you so much for the delightful package of goodies which arrived today for guessing the mini-challenge. You are so generous! Congratulations again on your fabulous efforts at raising money for Children in Need.
  17. martingale-2012

    Happy Birthday Magpiesdelights :)

    Happy birthday!! I hope you've had a fabulous day.
  18. martingale-2012

    Crafty goals for 2014

    I definitely have some this year. I really want to improve my card making so my plan is to try to make cards throughout the year so I am not left with half an hour to make a card before I need to send it! To that end, I am not putting any of my Christmas stuff away and I'll make Christmas cards all year, so I don't end up like this year with too many cards to send and not enough time to make them. I'm also going to try (...yeah, sure...) to sign up for slightly fewer swaps so I can focus on my larger projects, especially my cross-stitching and knitting. I sadly ignored many of them this year as I had too many other things to do! Happy new year everyone.
  19. martingale-2012

    Secret Santa ----- Sent & Received list :)

    I want to apologise to my SS partner - I am currently away in Cornwall for Christmas and won't be home now until Friday. The problem is, I had received a SS gift just before we left but it didn't indicate which forum it was from, and I am also involved in a SS on another craft forum so I don't know who to thank! If it was from my HCF Secret Santa - thank you so much! If it wasn't, I am absolutely sure the gift will be there when we get back.
  20. martingale-2012

    Prayers please

    I am so sorry to hear of your news. I have been worried about you and I can completely understand why you have needed time with your family. All of my thoughts and all my love is with you at this very difficult time xxxxxx
  21. martingale-2012


    I am a little late responding to this, but I am so glad you liked it, MT. I really enjoyed knitting it for you. You've been such a fabulous swapper this year, it is wonderful I had the chance to show my appreciation for all you've done.
  22. martingale-2012

    NOVEMBER Knitting and Crochet Swap - Christmas Ornament

    Just so you all know - everything has arrived safely and thank you for the lovely RAKs! I should get them all sent back out within the next couple of days.
  23. I am not sure I had my name down to host this, but I don't think anyone else did either, so I hope you don't mind if I do. I would love to dress my tree this year with lots of crafted ornaments, so this exchange is for either a knitted or a crocheted Christmas ornament. All swaps to me by 27 November so I can get them all back out just in time for everyone to start thinking about dressing their tree. International swappers are always welcome. As usual, don't forget to send a SAE or an addressed envelope and some little goodies if you are overseas. martingale Maritrez crafty nannie stakreem
  24. martingale-2012

    Secret Santa obsession!

    I've already got my gift and just need to wrap it and send it to my secret santa! I think the most difficult thing is not being tempted to keep it for myself...
  25. martingale-2012


    I am oh, so late - I am so sorry MT. In the post to you today so I hope it hasn't held you up too much.