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  1. aislingean

    issue 63 Romeo errors

    Thank you for your attention I am on the Pacific Canadian Coast at present and found your reply in the junk mail box after checking back here. Your radical revision appears to resolve the problem mathematically . Now we will see how the finished article looks!
  2. aislingean

    issue 63 Romeo errors

    Leg pattern instructs cast on 18 k1 row kin back of every stitch to form 36 stitches then k16 rows then k12 k2tog four times k12 [this uses 32 stitches to form 28] What do we do withe the remaining 4 stitches of the 36 we start with ? [First error?????] Pattern continues 1row k then next row k12 k2tog twice k12 [this uses 28 stitches to form 26 ] then knit 26 rows then k2tog at each end of row to give 28 sts [if we start with26 and reduce by 2 we will have 24 not 28] [second error?] Please someone do the math and explain as there appear to be at least two errors and Romeo is stalled!
  3. aislingean

    Disappointment Let's Knit Make Me With Your KIt

    Photo copy of Owl and Rabbit patterns arrived in post today no note or letter just a plain brown envelope. They are franked 2nd class so they have probably been in the system for at least a week. Another example of haphazard communication ???? Customer service have still not called back, as they promised, so they obviously are still struggling to find out what was supposed to happen! We used to call this 'Mushroom Management' ....... Keep all in the dark, spread lots of manure about and hopefully you will get mushrooms! They have my money but no 'Goodwill' Problem resolved but this customer is not impressed.!
  4. I have bought Let's Knit for about 3 years and thought OK time to subscribe when I saw the SUNSET knitting kit free gift and the cute Owls and dressed Rabbits where it said "Make me with your kit" Kit eventually arrived some time after the first magazine but there are no patterns for the Rabbits, their clothes, or the cute owls! There is no reference to the animals in the September issue or any back issues that I can see so can anyone tell me how do I knit the animals shown on page 79 of the August issue? My great grand-kids are nearly as disappointed as me! I have been misled it seems! Sandra PS We spoke to customer service who promised to investigate and call us back .... Still waiting PPS The telephone number that customer service has been giving out is wrong unless you wish to book a Tee Off time at some golf course ...... They are changing the number so do not ring 08448150947 unless you play golf! PPPS Any admins reading this I really would like a reply and perhaps a solution....... I am not impressed so far!