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  1. Rianna Fry

    A Fond Farewell

    Thank you everybody! & I know you will, Kate - you're a great bunch! xx
  2. Rianna Fry

    A Fond Farewell

    Thank you! Rosie from Sew & Make Jewellery will be taking over - she's fab!
  3. Rianna Fry

    Needle felted Cocker Spaniel

    Soooo cute!!!
  4. Rianna Fry

    A Fond Farewell

    Thank you! I'll be moving onto Soul & Spirit magazine, so a completely new subject area I will indeed!!
  5. Rianna Fry

    foxy pincushion

  6. Rianna Fry

    New Website

    Hello all, Thank you for your feedback. Oooh, I've got more than six posts on my screen. Which area do you mean? Also, by adverts do you mean the recommended projects, make it today and newsletter icons? Thank you!!
  7. Rianna Fry

    A Fond Farewell

    Hello lovely Crafters, Just a quick post, firstly to apologise for not being as active on the forum over the last few weeks - it's been really busy for us here at HQ. But also to let you know that this is my last week working on Crafts Beautiful magazine, and in the wonderful craft department as a whole. I've loved working in the world of craft over the past few years, so I'll be sad to go but excited to take editorship of a new title. Thank you all for all of your advice and great chat, you're a lovely friendly bunch! All the best, Rianna xxx
  8. Rianna Fry

    New Website

    Hello lovelies! I'm sure you've probably noticed by now, we've been busy bees at HQ re-designing our website. We've taken on board of all our reader feedback and created a new easy-to-navigate system and will be regularly updating it with new projects and freebies! Yippee! So, what do you think? crafts-beautiful.com
  9. Rianna Fry

    Brother ScanNCut

    I'm so excited! Look what we received this week - A BROTHER SCAN N CUT! We had great fun watching it cut out our own designs as well as picking from the pre-loaded templates! I'll be posting a video on our Facebook page of it in action, shortly!
  10. Hello there! Thank you for flagging this up to us! It appears that there has been a misprint here - hence the confusion. The first step for the doggy bag should have been; Cut a rectangle from card, 11cm x 14cm, and glue the 11cm-long sides together to create a tube. Adhere the bottom of the tube, then pinch the sides together to seal. Make a nose, eyes and a pair of ears from contrasting off-cuts and secure to the head. And the first step for the wood wishes card should be, Make a top-folding rectangular card and shape the sides with scissors, so it tapers in towards the top. Place a contrasting patch over one eye. Cut two ears and fold one in half, then glue the ends and attach to the back of the card. Sorry for the confusion!
  11. Rianna Fry

    Festive Feast

    Thank you! It was most odd. It just melted, and after a few minutes when bang. I've never seen glass melt before. Very strange!
  12. Rianna Fry

    Festive Feast

    I love the organisation of this! Amazing!
  13. Rianna Fry

    Repeat subscription..

    Hi Mary, I've messaged you back about this
  14. Rianna Fry

    Forums haven't been working for me

    The website has been revamped, as you've noticed, which may be why there have been a few technical glitches. I'll let you all know about it on Monday! EXCITING!
  15. Rianna Fry

    Spring is in the air!

    They may have only just past, but it feels like Christmas and New Year where ages ago! We're currently putting together, believe it or not, our March issue so have been looking at all the exciting vibrant Spring offerings coming up. So, I wondered what the first card or papercraft project was that you worked on once you'd cleared away your Christmas craft stash? And, did you use and new craft goodies you got over the festivities?