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  1. Hi, all hope your all, having a great year so far This is a short video on the models i have made for Zey's upcoming episode: A spaceship, and the evil robot 'gorpbot', an alien instuctor and some newspaper articles. hope you enjoy?
  2. Hi, Carolyn, oh bless you, thank you so much, i'm currently working on episode 5 which is a sci-fi computer game based episode. have a lovely christmas also
  3. This is a photo from the film, Zey, Leo and Claus Crocodile on the Tube Train
  4. Hi, all I would like to share the brand new episode of zey and friends. Zey The Mouse is a fimo stop motion animation, in this episode it see's zey and friends go out to London for clara's birthday. they encounter a thief on the train and go after him, a more mature story line, with some politics. Hand made sets include: London tube Train, westminster platform, (working escalators) Big Ben, and house's of Parliament. made from card, plastic, metal paints, and a lot of maths. 1 year in the making hope you all enjoy?
  5. Hi, all, just an update, ive been working on Zey's 4th episode for the past 9 months, it's taking a long time, but it's looking awesome, i thought i'd share a little sneak into the London Westminster tube station (2 metre's long) and tube train that ive made. i had a newspaper article full page in february, the link is here: http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/poll-vote-for-your-favourite-cartoon-mouse-as-king-s-lynn-animator-s-new-creation-becomes-youtube-hit-1-4890648
  6. Hi, all, hope your all well? I would like to share a short video, Zey and friends, made from Fimo who have been in the news this year, also in the making of the next episode which is in London, you can see at the end of the video. A big news article where they are standing on the big hand made set of 'Westminster Tube Station'! hope you enoy?
  7. Hi, Carolyn, Thank you! it means alot, Glad you enjoyed the film, and yes it was very hard work, The waves were made from clingfilm! and the funhouse had to surreal for it to look the part! This episode out of all of them was the biggest challenge, am exhausted, so taking a big long break
  8. Hi, all, back again hope your all o.k? i would like to share my Zey's latest adventure, a summer theme, great sets made. Realistic waves at the beach to sand castles and ice-creams! A mystery and trouble. With a funhouse that has surreal obsticles, new characters include Naughty Fernando Fox and Mr. Raccoon who join Zey, Dylan and Mr. Mouse! 10 months of putting this episode together, a sense of achievement, hope you enjoy?
  9. zeythemouse

    Zey The Mouse Video, and photo of 'Fun House' set!

    aww Carolyn, i can read them but i guess it's coz i know what they read, eeekk. Thanks for liking the 'fun house', al the rooms inside are fun too with obsticles and wacky things to do also a slide and ball pit!, but they will be seen when the film is out in the summer!
  10. zeythemouse

    DIY Valentine Gift

    very fancy, and creative!! love the hearts
  11. Hi, all, Hope your all well? Ive been hard at work with Zey's next episode based around the 'seaside', a little video of zey's exhibition articles and press articles on the new one. also a photo of the 'Fun House' hope you like.
  12. Hi, all Hope you are all well?! I have Zey's New Episode up now, i hope you enjoy watching? Zey and the gang go to school and are in 'Art Class' making a Hat for the 'Fashion Show' at 'Chestnut Hall'. Characters in the film: Mr and Mrs Frog Zey The Mouse Clara Cat Bella Bunny Peter Parrot Dylan Dog
  13. zeythemouse

    Zey The Mouse Newspaper Articles

    Bless you, thank you!!
  14. zeythemouse

    Zey The Mouse Newspaper Articles

    Hi, Carolyn!! Your Welcome!!, Yes Bella Bunny is adorable, and i hope you like her in her animated form!? Ian
  15. Hey, all hope your all having a good year so far!! I would like to share just a tiny video i made of Zey and friends as they travel in the news!! Episode 2 'The Prize Hat' will be out in April!! Regards Ian and Zey!