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  1. chickenleader

    Sew Issue 35 Pattern Download: Now Live!

    44 pages if you got it right the first time. My printer went to a default setting that caused it to print out the pattern at 3/4 size. It didn't look too strange to me until I had the first little dress made then hung it with another one for my great grand daughter (aged 2) which I'd made for her. The first dress was made at size 4 (according to the pattern) which because of my printer's misbehaviour, turned into a size 2 dress. I then had to reprint it after sorting out the technical problems. I'm not a computer newbie and I've noticed that our 2 desktops work differently as does my netbook and the laptop. We have Windows 7, Vista and XPro which means they all work differently. I ended up printing 88 pages. Also, 44 pages of A4 paper (even when carefully folded) does not condense into the same space as a tissue pattern. Also, printer paper isn't cheap, neither is the ink. I doubt very much I would be willing to download another pattern, the stress is too much. As I think I've said before, not everyone has a computer, those who have don't always know how to operate it effectively, and some of my friends don't have printers - they keep their computers solely for emails/social networking and surfing. I appreciate the thought that it might work out advantageously for everyone to be able to download - both for the magazine (supplying a tissue pattern) and the readers (having the pattern stored on the computer) and I suppose it had to be tried, but I think overall, it has turned out to be a bit of a minor disaster.
  2. chickenleader

    Sew Issue 35 Pattern Download: Now Live!

    I have just realised that the picture in the mag shows the dress fastening left over right whilst mine is fastening right over left. Very strange. I thought I had followed the pattern implicitly.
  3. chickenleader

    Sew Issue 35 Pattern Download: Now Live!

    [That looks really pretty. Love the fastenings. So professional. [/img] Not certain if my picture has uploaded. If so, here is the second dress I made - this time at full size.
  4. chickenleader

    Sew Issue 35 Pattern Download: Now Live!

    I made up the Mandarin dress last night from the largest size but it seems quite small. If anyone else has downloaded this pattern, could they please post the pattern dimensions. i.e. the length and width of each pattern piece, preferably in inches as being an OAP now, I still prefer to work in "real" measurements. The finished back length of the garment measures 18.5 inches and the width across between the armholes measures 10.5 inches. I'm wondering now if the pattern downloaded to my printer in full size mode? Being an old printer, I've not yet seen any method of increasing sizing. I just had a "practice run" at it prior to making it for my great grand daughter aged two as I didn't want to cut down the pattern on the basis that it said the smallest size was for a 2 y.o. - just in case. However, it does look a similar size to a previous dress I made for her at Christmas time.
  5. chickenleader

    Sew Issue 35 Pattern Download: Now Live!

    Hi, thanks for all the advice but I also don't have a clue as to the internet going off affecting the printer. All our stuff is ancient and very tempermental. I loathe downloading stuff and I have found that some websites have proven to have issues allowing me to print. Google maps being one. My husband can download and print maps fine on his netbook with his printer but the machines in the office are old and decrepit. Also, once I got going with the printing, I couldn't leave it for a second as once it had stopped, and I managed to restart it, after ripping out all the damaged and half printed pages, I found it was printing some pages several times - again, probably a problem with the equipment but we cannot all afford state of the art IT equipment. Again, with being at the extreme outer limits of broadband availability, my download times are so slow, I may as well be on dial up. I love the magazine but without good access to the patterns featured, there is not an awful lot of point in buying it. It is the fact that there are such wonderful looking designs to draw us in, that cause us to want to buy the mag but without being able to download and print satisfactorily, there isn't a lot of point in buying what we cannot use. Don't forget there are also people out there either not computer literate, don't have printers or just don't have/will not have a computer for whom the magazine would also not be much use. I applaud the thought that it would help to keep costs to a minimum (very important) but last night I was losing the will to live trying to capture the pattern. I'm afraid I'm with the others on this, that I would really have to think several times as to whether I really want to go through it all again, so would probably not want to strain my nerves and buy another mag. It is a pity as I have found it to be one of the better ones, otherwise. So sorry.
  6. chickenleader

    Sew Issue 35 Pattern Download: Now Live!

    Thankyou ladies for all your help. I eventually managed to print it off though I doubt if I will be trying it again. Broadband here is at the outer limits for us as we are stuck in the middle of nowhere and my connection kept breaking off. I reckon I used somewhere close to 85 sheets of paper as it kept getting stuck in the printer, chewed up and then when the connection broke - my printer decided to go on strike too. But, 2 and half hours later, I did get it onto paper and then started the mammoth task of sticking it together. I now will have to source some pattern transfer paper so that I won't be worried about the sheets all coming apart. Though I love living where I do in Scottish Borders, I cannot source the variety and huge ranges of fabrics, threads, notions etc which I used to have access to where I used to live nor the patterns which I used for all my family. I had actually tried clicking on the "Here it is" button which took me to downloads but then after a few seconds it reverted to the post. Hubby doesn't like me saving downloads - I'm under instruction only to Open and not to Save. I think that is where I was going so wrong. But thanks anyway. Looking forward to making the Mandarin Dress for my 2 y.o. great grand daughter.
  7. chickenleader

    Sew Issue 35 Pattern Download: Now Live!

    I seem to be quite thick today as I cannot find a way to even find the correct pattern downloads for the Issue 35 mag. Don't know what to do if the patterns are not full size anyway as I have no way to enlarge them. Can someone please advise me how to find and download them. Please, please, please.