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  1. JennieT23

    Best Wool Detergent

    Hello I've recently started knitting alot more garments and I was just wondering if anyone would be able to recommend some good wool detergents? I'm a bit lost when it come to all this!! Thank you Jennie
  2. JennieT23

    Madeira sunset pattern

    Hello, Don't know if this was the correct thing to do I did yfwd and then pulled the yarn the front in order to p3tog. Kind of like a yon :S Sorry if this is the wrong advise!! I make it up as a go along sometimes, but I was happy with the result Jennie x
  3. JennieT23

    Help Please!! Issue 64-pearl

    Thank you =D I'll keep you posted :)
  4. Hello, I think I'm been really dumb here but I've got myself confused. After casting on 14sts do you join in the round or just carrying on knitting as normal? Thank you Jennie x
  5. JennieT23

    instructions in magazine

    I find written and pictures instructions really hard to follow, I taught myself to do loads of different stitches by videos theres loads on the net, if you keep watching loads you can pick up loads of stitches and techniques really quickly! I even taught myself to crochet (proudest moment!!)
  6. JennieT23

    Decision time... (poll!)

    I've only been crocheting for a month so I suppose that does sway me a little bit more! But knitting is still my no. 1