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  1. mandypandie

    Is this a picture with frame, or something else?

    Hey that looks great! I did something similar but with holes through an old vinyl record. Had to be careful that I didn't break the disc completely when drilling. Thing I found was that if I had it hanging on the wall, I could only hang earrings that didn't have butterfly clips at the back, because it meant that I didn't need to take the jewelry holder off the wall and stick the butterfly clips at the back of the earring etc. etc. It got too cumbersome in the end. So if you decide to have your frame hanging, just make sure you only have those earrings which hang at the back (sorry don't know the correct name for them but I hope you know which ones I mean). If you have your earring frame sitting on a desk etc. then it's not so cumbersome to have both types
  2. mandypandie

    Actuallyt finished something that looks ok

    Welcome to the forum. It's a great start if you've just started out sewing! I'm sure it will look d If you're looking for another simple project you could try making a dress like this: I made quite a few for me and my young niece, just tie it up at the top with a ribbon or longer piece of fabric and away you go Happy sewing! x
  3. mandypandie

    things to take for a craft fair

    A good friend and I take part in craft markets from time to time. I feel like we try and present our jewellery well as much as possible, just because visitors and future customers like to see a bit of colour. A table cloth or interesting piece of fabric is always good just so you can hide boxes and belongings under the table. One time we were super nice and had some free shortbread on our table with simple business cards & info. That certainly incised people haha. The etsy blog has a really good article about tips when selling at craft markets. It has some good ideas. Also if you haven't checked out the website already, then I'll warn you now and tell you that it's so easy to spend a few hours on it!
  4. mandypandie


    Wow these are great! They look like a lot of time and effort went into them. May sound strange but I think they would make great xmas tree decorations. Maybe for those that are looking for a tropical 'under the sea' theme. Hmm, probably a bit too late/early for me to talk about xmas now, eh?
  5. mandypandie

    Happy shrove tuesday pancake day!

    Do any of you know the reason behind Pancake Shrove Tuesday? To be honest I only really heard about it this year? It was very simple but still really yummy :-9
  6. mandypandie

    experimenting with Fimo to make cogs

    Hey they look great in black! Of course if you want them in silver/rustic copper you can always spray paint it over. Just out of observation, did you flatten the fimo out with your hand??
  7. mandypandie

    Happy shrove tuesday pancake day!

    I'm going through a pancake phase too. I think for brunch, simple lemon and sugar is beautiful. Have you tried it with Nutella? It's a bit devilish but delicious all the same. I'm more a fan of banana or blueberry pancakes. Apparently pancakes with lemon curd is a winner but have never gotten round to trying it. I found a blog that had cinnamon roll pancakes which I think is pretty extreme. Pancake question: Is it ok to refrigerate unused pancake mix (wet mixture)? Every time I do it, I feel that they don't rise as much in the pan.
  8. mandypandie

    Latest make?

    Haha cheers, it's cute eh? I know right! I have the feeling that it's a Martha Stewart creation. Looks like I would need to use some pretty thick fabric too, which might be a bit expensive. If the picture's anything to go by, then it's worth it in my opinion.
  9. mandypandie

    New Things To Try

    Hi artym, I'm a fan of flapjacks too but for some reason am too lazy to make them. I can't understand why because I'm a keen baker most of the time. Have you read this blog post? It has a few tips and tricks and may answer your question as to why yours aren't turning out the way you like them? Hope it helps!
  10. mandypandie

    Latest make?

    Oh that is so cute! I find pop-up cards quite challenging to most of the time. Did you re-use the bear from a previous card? I quite like mixing and matching old card covers and reusing them I'm on holiday for the next two weeks and super excited with the free time I have on my hands. Not sure whether to carry out a sewing project and make use out of the fabric I've been hording, or a house project. Contemplating about a decent tote-bag I saw on pinterest. It has pockets inside which is genius!
  11. mandypandie


    Universally Speaking (Red Hot Chilli Peppers)
  12. mandypandie

    Baby Ugg boots

    Ahh nice!!! That's a great idea! Sounds relatively easy indeed! Thanks so much for the tip
  13. mandypandie

    Baby Ugg boots

    Oh that is ADORABLE!
  14. mandypandie

    CRAFTY SHED??? Comments please

    Hi wigancrafter, When I was crafting at my parents house, I would use their glass-room but now I'm living in an apartment, space is hard to come by. I'm considering about getting a few friends together and maybe renting a cheap office space or something along those lines.
  15. mandypandie


    Currently my skills lie in painting, card making and general DIY and upcycling. Can't wait to meet you on the forum!!! cheers.