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  1. CathUp1

    Does anyone know?

    Hi I was clearing out yesterday and I found Lucy ( a cermaic doll) that my mother made for me in 1980's . Lucy came from a catalouge and you got a head arms and legs, material and paterns to make her body,and dress patterns . Also hair. There was a whole catalogue of different doll kits. Does anyone know what the company was called and whether it's still running ? I do realise that it was 30 years ago but anyone with a good memory please reply. As Lucy needs a new head of hair. :-)
  2. CathUp1

    Issue 52 Rebecca

    Thank you for your help. I looked on YouTube and saw how to do it. Very useful thing You Tube. :cheese:
  3. CathUp1

    Issue 52 Rebecca

    Hi I'm attempting t knit Rebecca in last months issue of Lets Knit. I'm confused when it comes to the T2R and TLR do I use my knitting needles or do I use a cable needle. Any advice? Thank you Cath