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    help a newbie?

    Hi Beadypie Once you start sewing you'll fall in love with it. I bought my most recent machine from Sewing machines direct (online). The have a great range of machines both entry level and more experienced. The delivery is free and was next day too!!! :-) They also do freebies with some machines, I got a proper set of fabric scissors, a massive load of different coloured threads (these are amazing and thread gets very expensive when you want to match colours!) AND a sturdy sewing machine storage bag. Marvellously awesome :cheese: Hope this helps :-)
  2. catcreature

    A photo of me

    ooops, told you im new to all this, sorry about the HUGE pic, a thumb nail would have sufficed, ah well, never mind :-)
  3. catcreature

    A photo of me

    Hi guys, my names LeiLei, Im a real newbie, only just activated my account here! :red: This is my first ever forum, ooo exciting stuff huh! So here I am, wanting to converse with people who have the same interests as me (as in the 'real world' none of my friends are really interested in crafting, just the cool stuff I make them,lol!) so please be gentle with me,lol! I came across this thread first where everyone was uploading pics so you could all put faces to names, so here's me! This pic is now famous as was printed in MCN (motorcycle news) yesterday!