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  1. I'm interested in knowing what the craft trends are for this autumn/winter 2014 to include; colours, materials or a particular project/item to make etc. A quick search on the net provides lots of fashion and home trends, some which you could apply to craft and handmade gifts. Any thoughts?
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    Share your crafty tips here!

    I create jewellery, but I use a variety of beads so I bag beads of the same cost together e.g. all beads that cost 5p each together etc, so that when I come to price the piece of jewellery I know exactly what it cost to make no matter the different cost of each bead!
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    Helo :) and some questions

    Hello, before signing up to a craft fair, you'll want to make sure that the organisers are doing sufficient advertising to attract a good amount of customers. Many craft fairs fail because of poor advertising. For the best chance of selling at a craft fair, it would be a good idea to present your stock in an interesting way that will attract possible customers to your stall and don't forget business cards that way people can find you after the event. Good luck
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    Blog Update!

    Blog post updated a few days ago
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    White on White

    well done
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    Keep Calm card series ...

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    Birthday card for my niece

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    Beside the sea

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    My first Engagement Card Order

    love it
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    anniversary mini booklet finished article

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    We found some great ideas on pinterest, in fact this week we're going to have a go at making tombstone puddings! pm for our pinterest profile
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    Sympathy card

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    1st quilled Christmas card card topper

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    Happy Monday

    Monday...the day when I write the 'to do' list for the week, it never gets shorter lol