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    Share your crafty tips here!

    Hi everyone We at HQ can't help but notice you ladies sharing your expertise far and wide, and would love to pop them all in the mag to be shared every month! If you have some crafty advice that could help out another CB reader we want to hear about it... Post it here for your chance to appear in the pages of CB!
  2. Morning all, That's right, now that you've had a chance to drool over all of the scrumptious makes in the October issue, we want to know what your fave is! Which project floated your boat the most - Corinne Bradd's adorable dolly, Jane Kharade's bright and breezy sun catchers or Carolyn Letten's tasty jam-inspired gift set? We look forward to hearing your thoughts
  3. Holly Shackleton


    The time has come again to announce the winner of the monthly tiara, and this time the vote was unanimous. Not only is August's crafty queen a dab hand at creativity, but her generous and kind nature allows her to set her own issues aside in order to support others and make them feel like a million pounds! She sends out inspirational makes to her friends when they're feeling blue, and is always on-hand for a crafty natter and to put smiles on our faces So, without further ado, I'm pleased to announce that the winner of August's MOTM is... AbstractAstra!!! Well done AbstractAstra, send me a PM with your postal address and I'll get some goodies sent out to you!
  4. Holly Shackleton

    Weekend cupcakes

    Hello all! Just thought I'd post a pic of the cupcakes I made for my friends helping me out with the garden this weekend - as they're both big, burly men I thought they'd appreciate the pastel pink colour and pretty sparkles!
  5. Holly Shackleton

    Crafty Friends

    I'd love to know all about the friendships that you've made with other CB readers! Whether through the forum or via our penpals section in the mag, tell me all about it
  6. Holly Shackleton

    Share your crafty tips here!

    Love these, ladies - keep 'em coming!
  7. Holly Shackleton

    MISS JULY!!!

    Yes ladies, the time has come again to celebrate the brightest and the best of our lovely forum members! The winner of the tiara for July has been victorious due to her lovely presence on the forum for almost a year, her fabulous crafty conversation, and her super ability to spot spammers That's right, July's MOTM is... Crafty Nannie!!! Congrats Crafty Nannie, send me a PM with your postal address and I'll get some treats out to you post haste!
  8. Holly Shackleton

    Cupcakes :)

    Just thought I'd share my most recent cupcake creations: cookies and cream and raspberry and coconut. The cookies and cream cupcakes have a marshmallow icing which may just have been the trickiest one I've ever made as it included whipped egg whites and boiled sugar, but it was worth it (and I was a little proud of myself, too). I need to practice piping with a plain round nozzle, as this first attempt shows, plus I really shouldn't have hurriedly thrown them into the tin as they look more than a little messy and dented...
  9. Holly Shackleton

    Have you ever sold Christmas cards?

    Hi ladies, If you've ever sold Christmas cards, I want to hear from you! What did they cost to make? How much did you charge for them? Where did you sell them? Do you have any tips for crafters new to selling? Share your experiences for a chance to appear in CB! Holly
  10. Holly Shackleton

    On the forum feature

    Apologies ladies, the lack of Miss June is my fault - I'm very sorry to say that it completely slipped my mind what with all the fabulously exciting goings-on at HQ! It's full steam ahead for July though, so go check out who won this month's tiara in the Hall of Fame! Keep your eyes peeled for a new and improved forum page in the mag...
  11. Holly Shackleton

    Cupcakes :)

    Thank you! I don't have it on me I'm afraid... It's from The Primrose Bakery Book
  12. Holly Shackleton

    MISS MAY!!!

    That's right ladies, the time has come again to celebrate the wonderful members of our forum! As ever we had a tricky time decided who should win the coveted tiara, but when the winner's name popped up we all agreed immediately! May's MOTM creates such wonderful crafty makes and is such a friendly and chatty lady that we just had to show our appreciation for her fabulous inspiration and conversation. So, without further ado, we'd like to announce that the winner of May's MOTM is... Maillemanz! Congrats and enjoy your reign - please send me a PM with your postal address and I'll get some crafty goodies sent out to you
  13. Holly Shackleton

    Cupcakes :)

    Thank you! I can't say they lasted very long...!
  14. Holly Shackleton

    August Magazine

    We're so glad you like the mag, Artym - we had a great time putting it together!
  15. Holly Shackleton

    Attention Crafters!

    Hi all, Just to let you know that the web team are currently doing some work on the forum, so if you have any issues there's no need to worry! If you continue to have problems with the site, please email me on holly.shackleton@aceville.co.uk and I'll do what I can Holly
  16. Holly Shackleton

    Weekend cupcakes

    Thank you
  17. Holly Shackleton

    Weekend cupcakes

    My thoughts exactly!
  18. Holly Shackleton

    Mmmm rhubarb... Ideas please!

    For those that don't know, I LOVE rhubarb. Absolutely love it, in all shapes and forms. So I'm counting my lucky stars that people are handing it to me left, right and centre! The only issue is that I'm running out of ideas for what to do with it! I have bags of it chopped in the freezer, a fresh bunch in the fridge, and lots more on its way... Whenever I'm given a glut of rhubarb I make jam, but was wondering if you ladies have any suggestions? Also, what's the strangest rhubarb concoction you've come across?
  19. Holly Shackleton

    Mmmm rhubarb... Ideas please!

    I'd love to be able to grow it, but it takes a couple of years to mature and be productive, and as I'm renting I may not be in the same place for that long! The good thing is that I'm getting a bit of a reputation as a rhubarb lover, so when people have some going spare they tend to send it my way
  20. Holly Shackleton

    Weekend cupcakes

    Thank you I didn't make them drink out of dainty cups because I didn't know if they could be trusted with them!
  21. Holly Shackleton

    Weekend cupcakes

    Oh no - I should have done! Next time...
  22. Holly Shackleton

    Weekend cupcakes

    Thank you - they were the first cupcakes I've piped so was quite happy with them I don't think I'll ever forget the sight of my manly friends eating them with a cup of tea and muddy hands!
  23. Holly Shackleton

    Gallery ????

    Hi Annie, Hope you had a lovely weekend! Would you be able to explain the problem so I can get the web team onto it, please?
  24. Holly Shackleton

    Mmmm rhubarb... Ideas please!

    Ooh Kate that sounds delicious - thanks for the idea!
  25. Holly Shackleton

    Mmmm rhubarb... Ideas please!

    Ooh yes, I love rhubarb and orange jam! Last time I made a batch I also made vanilla and rhubarb and ginger and rhubarb... So good!