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  1. beadypie

    guess whos back?!

    thanks everyone x
  2. beadypie

    guess whos back?!

    lol wish they were kate, we have split up again for good...looong story indeed lol. i feel so much happier now im in wales and finally enjoying myself with friends, wish it didnt end tbh! xx
  3. beadypie

    The Good Morning Thread

    afternoon all getting my clothes packed etc now, wales tomorrow! visiting a friend and first thing were doing when i get to cardiff is go to a bead shop :cheese: , then off to forbidden planet and a doughnut shop %-P off to chippie for my tea in a bit, nom noms! on a bad note, sprained my ankle and grazed my knee after a fall on pavement yesterday :-/ hope your all having a good crafty day, will be back on forum next week
  4. beadypie

    The Good Morning Thread

    evening =D, yeps im back, and ive been busy with some jewellery making too, just need to charge the camera and take some pics of my new makes. glad to be back on here, done a post on the general chit chat bit which explains in more detail whats gone off. missed you all! x
  5. beadypie

    guess whos back?!

    me! im currently living at my grans now and finally pursuaded her to get the internet, which worked =] i am back in a relationship with my ex but not living with him as i am probably going to be going back to huddersfield college, hopefully to study dog grooming. will be back on properly next week as from thurs i am in wales for a week visiting a friend hope you have all had a good christmas and new year, glad to be back on here, missed it on here! x
  6. i opened my pressie to find a lovely card, bag charm and some gorgeous beads! thank you to whoever sent me them!
  7. beadypie

    Thank you Secret Santa!

    twas me :red: , glad you like them hun
  8. this is last time i will be on here for a while so... MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!! hope everyones been good hope you all get some lovely presents and try not to eat all the turkey %-P bye for now Beadypie. xx
  9. beadypie

    will not be on here much now...

    im already planning on what i want to do in future, for my bday next year im saving up all my pennies to visit my friend in wales and want to do some course with animals but im not sure if id make it as a vet, possibly a dog groomer? who knows
  10. beadypie

    will not be on here much now...

    im not going away yet lol, just wont be as active as i was before but will come and chat whenever i get the chance
  11. as some of you will know i have just split up from my fiance, i am now using the computer at his mums house but after my work has done at work i will no longer be able to access the computer hardly as i am moving back to huddersfield with my gran and she has nowhere to put my computer, so my only escape is to use my uncles when i go to his for an hour now and again when we visit him... i will be less active on here but i am still doing craft fairs and going to events so still hope to meet some of you all in person
  12. i have recieved mine and my ss one now, sorry it has taken so long but sent you a message explaining why.
  13. beadypie

    The Good Morning Thread

    evening all, been a very unpleasent week for me, me and my lad are on a break from our relationship and im not sure where its going to end up, cant see it ending very well tbh 8-/ , im living at his mums whos a good friend of mine too also a workmate so lodging at hers until we figure things out. i just want my life to get back to normal.... hope everyones doing good, have a good evening
  14. beadypie

    The Good Morning Thread

    evening all, be glad when this weeks over and done with, gotta clean up bedroom where my craft table is located so when my gran bro and mum come over i can give them a lil tour and need to extend a bracelet for my aunt as she has got big wrists and it was originally for a teenage customer but didnt turn up to craft show to collect her items and she didnt give me her address or phone number so my aunt now has it...one of my polymer clay bracelets too :cheese: im really in the mood to eat some christmas cake but its too early and theres none in the house :down: hope your all having a good evening, sleep well
  15. beadypie


    we dont have a fireplace in our house (yet) so we have to rely on the radiators which is ok but doesnt keep me too warm whilst crafting, the crafting table i have is in the bedroom, which happens to be the coldest room in the house >:-( , so im hoping to relocate downstairs near the computer, going to buy a second hand table and put my microfibre cloths on it baking does help, nothing like having a lil break from beading and munching on some lemon drizzle cake or shortbread fingers i tend to make jewellery on a nightime after work so i get my pajamas, slipper boots and dressing gown on.